Be found by more than 600+ million Chinese internet users

“亲,猜你喜欢”???  A lot of question marks when talking about China’s market?

Take the worry out of your Chinese marketing campaign!

Market Me China aims to help western companies expand their business through China Online Marketing. In order to save you time, we offer a “One-Stop-Shopof China online marketing – the unique knowledge of technical, cultural and language in the same package,  with opportunities to be found by more than half a billion Chinese internet users.

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Online marketing in China

Saving your time to find different agencies for different needs is one of the unique benefits of working with us. We are effectively a “One-Stop Shop” for all online marketing services, from Chinese translation, web design, branding to SEO, PPC, social media marketing, copywriting as well as customer liaison/support. 

Using technology to provide tailor-made online marketing strategies,  we aim to explore opportunities for you to be found by Chinese internet users even if you don’t have a presence in China.

Four Steps to help you to enter the China’s market

  • Listening
    Our focus is on you!
    Our aim is always to listen and learn you to fully understand your goals and your Chinese target customers.
  • Planning
    Plan to succeed!
    We will develop a tailor-made Chinese online marketing strategy to help your business be seen in the Chinese market.
  • Doing
    From planning to action!
    We will use the many online marketing technology and tools to implement your online marketing strategies in China.
  • Improving
    Analyse and enhance!
    Once live we will monitor the performance looking at data tracking and methods to enhance your performance.


  • According to China E-Commerce Research Center, China online shoppers’ oversea purchase reached RMB74.4 billion (US$12.5 billion) in 2013 from RMB12 billion in 2010, and it’s estimated to reach RMB 140 billion (US$22.68 billion) in 2014. Tmall Global, the leading international online shopping marketplace in China, provides the insights of  behaviour of Chinese online cross-border shoppers who are called Hai Tao in Chinese.  (more...)
  • Traditionally if you wanted to reach someone through advertising you had to display your marketing in places they were likely to see it. Thanks to advanced internet technologies a lot of the guesswork has been removed from marketing. It is much harder now to find a person who fits into a demographic; location, society, and changing gender roles have made ideas such as the ‘traditional housewife’ obsolete. To ensure you are marketing to the right people, you want to be using targeted online advertising. If you are looking to market to Chinese travellers, then the upcoming Golden Week celebrations are a perfect chance for you to put this technology through its paces. (more...)