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Market Me China® – experts in marketing the world to China and founded in 2013, is a UK-based agency focused exclusively on digital marketing solutions for Western companies in China. As a digital marketing agency, we are proud to announce that over 70% of our worldwide enquiries come from Google Organic Search; demonstrating our effectiveness in the digital marketing field.

Global Clientele

We are proud to work on a partnership basis with international clients from the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia and more. Our clients span a wide range of industries and sectors.

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We Focus on People - You and Your Chinese Audience

At the heart of our ethos lies a focus on people – you and your Chinese audience. Our approach to success lies in “Listening - Planning - Executing - Improving”, evidencing our results at every stage.

A one-stop shop of China Digital Marketing expertise

As a one-stop shop for China digital marketing services, we provide everything that you need to promote your products and services to more than 900 million Chinese internet users. This saves your time and money by removing the need to manage and coordinate a framework of agencies.

Our partnership approach

We help you to expand your business into the China market by leveraging our experience and know-how and the latest online marketing technologies for clear results. Into the mix, we add our rich knowledge of Chinese culture and language and our focus on people and their needs (rather than purely search engines and social media platforms!). This ensures that every bespoke solution will help you to achieve your business goals in the booming China market.

Our team of China marketing experts

Our team of highly-qualified and experienced marketing professionals comprises both Western and Chinese native online marketers. We also have a team located on the ground in China. Our knowledge brings our clients visibility and conversions, with measurable and attractive ROI.

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