China Social Media Marketing Benefits

  • Build brand awareness and a favourable reputation for your company
  • Create engagement, trust and the relationship with your target Chinese audience
  • Drive traffic to your Chinese website
  • Generate conversions and sales
  • Improve customer service and build brand loyalty

Engage with Chinese followers

With our China Social Media Marketing service, your brand can grow a valuable follower base and drive sales on top Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo. We will help you to engage with Chinese followers to build trust and relationships, resulting in more conversions.

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Chinese Social Media Platforms

China social media marketing SMM | Market Me China®

In the West, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are obvious choices for social marketing – but in China, they are blocked.

Chinese internet users have access to extremely sophisticated and powerful social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Youku, Little Red Book and Douyin. Depending on your brand, target audience and objectives, other social media platforms may be desirable to target. Each platform is unique and performs different functions – from offering review and tip-sharing through to creating short videos and private social networking. We make sure your brand is visible on the right platform, engaging with the right audience and getting itself known in the right circles – for all the right reasons!

Chinese Social Media Marketing

We will provide the tools that your brand needs to engage with your Chinese audience in a way that is sensitive to their unique cultural, socio-economic and technical needs.

However much support you want, we can help you to create China social media marketing campaigns that place your brand in the right places and build engagement and returns.

Our services will help you to become known and respected with your target customers, creating referral marketing gains in a country which greatly values recommendations and personal networks, and increasing market penetration and sales as a result.

At Market Me China, we know that Chinese customers greatly value good relationships (“guanxi”) – and successful brands build and leverage this “guanxi” for long-term, sustainable success in this vast and lucrative market of sophisticated online consumers.

Our team of experts is here to help you to develop your China Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy and to manage your delivery for you as required.

How can we help you with China Social Media Marketing?

  1. China social media strategy creation: platform selection, research and analysis and content strategy – with tailored consultancy and recommendations for your brand.
  2. China social media account setup: we set up your WeChat official account, Weibo official account, Youku channel etc based on your needs, creating profiles that resonate with your target Chinese audience.
  3. Chinese post creation: our team of Chinese social media experts create daily / weekly posts on WeChat or Weibo, which provide value and are naturally ‘shareable’.
  4. Chinese subtitling for your video, or Chinese video creation by our professional filming associates
  5. Follower building, communication and engagement with on-brand messaging and interaction.
  6. Creation of marketing campaigns (i.e. Key Opinion Leader, or KOL, campaigns) to build your follower base and further drive sales.
  7. Monthly consulting and reports for ongoing results tracking and further refinement of approach.

Leverage the power of Chinese social media for your China digital marketing today!