Baidu PPC Benefits

  • Gain rapid exposure and be found by your Chinese target audience on Baidu via paid search
  • Immediately grow traffic to your Chinese website
  • Increase enquiries, leads and sales via your paid search channel
  • Develop brand awareness, recognition and engagement for your company
  • See ready, insightful data sets and statistics for any further campaign refinement

Baidu PPC with instant results

Our Baidu PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising solutions offer a fast, effective form of digital promotion with instant results. We rapidly bring quality traffic to your Chinese website, enhancing visitor numbers, generating enquiries and driving online conversions and sales.

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What is Baidu?

Baidu PPC advertising | Market Me China®

Baidu is the Chinese equivalent of Google and China’s leading search engine. It is built entirely around the customer – and their experience, satisfaction and value. For Western brands seeking to market online in China, there are fantastic features to leverage – including web, image and video search, Zhidao Q&A, the Baike Wiki and news feed ads. Market Me China can guide you through every feature and optimise PPC setup for your campaign. We work with you to understand your unique needs and goals, and then deliver a programme that achieves them.

Baidu PPC Account Setup

The good news is both Chinese and overseas advertisers are allowed to open a Baidu PPC account. Although Baidu PPC is similar to Google Adwords, setting up your Baidu PPC account is not as easy as with Google Adwords! The entire process takes around 4 weeks and is carried out in Chinese. (Please note, usually, advertisers do not need a .cn domain, or a Chinese ICP licence.) To simplify the process, we manage it for many of our international clients.

Steps to Set Up a Baidu PPC Account

  1. Initial website check
    Baidu has strict administrative regulations – so we ensure that you are fully compliant. For example, your registered company name must be the same as on the website or documented on an About Us or similar page.
  2. Submit the required documents
    Baidu requires a significant set of documents to authorise a new Western account. Working on your behalf, we ensure that all documentation is correct and ready, to facilitate the process.
  3. Make a payment
    Baidu requires an initial payment to set up a PPC account, which can then be used for your campaigns. An annual fee might be charged depending on regions. We can handle the initial required payment so that campaigns can begin to be run.
  4. Receive login details
    Once the advertising fee reaches your Baidu account which will be owned by you, we make sure you successfully receive your login details and / or manage it entirely on your behalf.

Please note: the final result is subject to Baidu. 

Baidu PPC Pay Per Click advertising | Market Me China®

Baidu PPC Account Management

At Market Me China, we recognise the importance of optimising the structure of each Baidu PPC account. Our experts ensure that ads are shown correctly and effectively to the right audience, that relevant keywords are used, and that clicks and quality scores are optimised.

Baidu PPC Account
With five main levels of Baidu PPC account available, we leverage each to expertly to manage each function of your online Baidu PPC advertising campaign. This ensures that every aspect of your Baidu PPC activity is managed smoothly – from administration and billing through to campaign activity, ads and keywords. Our team makes full use of every rich and technical feature offered to optimise your campaigns, e.g.:

  1. Account level
    Controls administrative information, i.e. account access and billing.
  2. Campaign level
    Manages all ad groups: i.e. to set features such as target region, daily budgets, run times & negative keywords.
  3. Ad group level
    Manages a group of ads, i.e. to create relevant groups, set the bids of an ad group.
  4. Keyword and URL level
    Specifies setting the keywords, bids, match types, and destination URLs etc.
  5. Ad copy level
    Creates ad copies, images, display and destination URLs etc.

Baidu PPC Account Management

See your PPC results optimised with our expert Baidu account management.

  1. Chinese keyword research
    We generate targeted keyword proposals for your brand using the Baidu PPC keyword planner tool. Why not simply translate keywords from English? Because Baidu and Google operate differently. This is an easy mistake for Western brands to make without the assistance of a Chinese marketing resource!
  2. Daily management
    Rest assured that your campaign is being optimised daily for performance and to make the best possible use of your budget.
  3. Data Analytics
    We evidence your campaign with Baidu PPC performance analytics, to flag up performance and next steps for further conversions.
  4. Weekly / Monthly Reports
    You will receive regular, customised reports which track progress against original recommendations. Naturally, we also provide bespoke recommendations to further optimise your account.

Other Search Engines in China

To further increase reach and results, we extend your PPC activity across other Chinese search engines, such as Qihoo 360 and Sogou.

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