Targeted Online Advertising Benefits

  • Enhanced traffic, as your Chinese audience finds your brand easily on China’s top websites
  • Low prices for access to top Chinese websites
  • Creative, impactful rich media adverts – designed to appeal to your Chinese audience
  • Verified analytics, monitored by Nielsen or other third parties
  • A powerful solution to maximise online campaigns, such as new product launches or seasonal promotions.
  • Cookie-based audience targeting for the best possible results
  • An increase in incoming queries and sales
  • The knowledge that you have chosen a system already trusted by 400 world-class advertisers
  • An integrated online advertising solution

Super Advertising Media Engine

Ready to up your game and deliver effective online advertising in China? This powerful and integrated online solution is highly intelligent and completely proven. When utilised by our team of experts, you can attract your Chinese online target audience in a rapid, highly efficient manner, using targeting parameters that include ‘by cookie’.

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Online Advertising Platforms in China

Targeted online advertising in China - Multi-Platforms | Market Me China®

Brand Ad Network Platform

This powerful one-stop solution provides everything that you need to market effectively online to your Chinese target audience, with features that make it easy to segment and manage an audience, analyse data, plan media channels and adverts and evaluate performance. It spans more than 1,000 well-known Chinese publishers, including the top 200 websites in China (iResearch).

OTV Ad Network Platform

This online video advertising solution spans all top video content publishers in China, such as Youku and QIY.

DSP (demand-side platform)

Our experts use this integrated real-time bidding system that integrates advertising features from a range of online advertising hubs, such as Baidu and the Taobao Ad Network.

Precise Targeting Technology

We use precise audience targeting to ensure that your adverts are shown to target online users by cookie, rather than by the traditional approach of media. Key things to know are:

  1. By collecting the data of 900 million cookies, we can identify the right target audience, understand its online behaviour and show the appropriate adverts accordingly.
  2. Our approach and technology are so advanced that we use a 12-step targeting methodology which makes use of more than 1,000 top Chinese websites, 70,000 vertical apps and over 850 means of categorising online customers.
  3. Naturally, our performance is verified with third-party data, with Nielsen (or other trusted sources) providing independently monitored performance data.
Targeted online advertising in China - Multi-Platforms - Targeting Methods | Market Me China®

Creative Ad Formats

Rich media ads: Targeted online advertising in china

Our graphic designers create rich, engaging advertisements based on your campaign, brand and creatives. We produce all necessary advertising formats to appeal to your Chinese audience and to meet all advertising platform needs. These include:

  1. Rich media ads
  2. Pre-roll ads
  3. Mobile ads

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