About Market Me China

Marketing the world to China

We focus on people - you and your Chinese Audience

A UK-based online marketing agency with a global clientele

As a digital marketing agency focused on the Chinese market, we are proud to announce that over 70% of worldwide enquiries come from Google Organic Search. We work with international clients from the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and more.

“Listening – Planning – Executing – Improving”, is the way we work with you

Market Me China® – marketing the world to China, founded in 2013, is a UK-based online marketing agency with a global clientele. Saving your time from finding different agencies for different needs, our One-Stop Shop of Chinese online marketing services enables your products and services to be promoted to more than half a billion Chinese internet users.

We aim to help Western companies to expand their businesses into China’s market. We focus on people – you and your Chinese target audience, using Chinese online marketing technologies and unique knowledge of cultural and language to provide your tailor-made China online marketing solutions to reach your business goals in the booming China’s market. We have a sister company Market Ed China which specialises in helping Western universities achieve their goals in China.

We merge western-style management with Chinese native online marketers. We have a solid understanding of China’s internet world and Chinese internet users, and can confidently bring you both visibility and conversions.

Helping you to build your audience in China!

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