An informative Web Conference Digpen VI 2013

Market Me China attended Web Conference Digpen VI at the Eden Project, Cornwall, UK, 23 March 2013. It was an informative conference for web designers and developers from the South West England.

This full-day conference had four sessions of talks and workshops on all things web, digital and running business in this industry. Thirteen inspirational speakers gave presentations.

The Web Conference focused on the technical side. The topics covered “The Moby-Dick Big Read project” by Chris Hunt, “MySQL query optimisation” by Will Earp, “The future of mobile apps” by Simon Howard, “Publishing, consuming and managing open linked data” by Robert McCarthy, “Build a SaaS product” Stuart Marsh, “The evolution of Google” by Martin Dinham and “Design eye for the developer guy” by Dan Barber etc.

Not only could learn new technical skills from the conference, but you could learn how to run your web/digital business. You can get new insights into lead generation and marketing strategy by the talk “Where do you clients come from” given by Mat Connolley. Well, how to maintain your creative passion on your web/digital business, Stephen Daoud and Joanna Fernandes gave you some top tips on Maintaining creative passion.

Followed by an informal post-conference social at The Royal Oak.