Be On choose Market Me China to promote Visit Britain in China

Market Me China delivers 125,000 views on Visit Britain video campaign

Market Me China are pleased to have partnered with Be On to promote the latest Visit Britain campaign in the lucrative but strategically difficult Chinese market. Market Me China placed the Sounds of Great Britain video on a prominent position of a Chinese website with a large audience, then drove traffic from Beijing and Shanghai to deliver the target 125,000 views in March 2014.

China has been an historically difficult market to enter for Western companies, and a new region for Be On. Market Me China, with their technical and cultural knowledge of China and its marketing channels were the obvious choice in helping Be On deliver their key objectives for the Visit Britain campaign.

With its population of over half a billion internet users, and a culture that highly values Western goods, China presents a promising market for ambitious global companies. Tough information laws, different customs, and a strongly hierarchical society combine to make China a challenging market to enter without the right knowledge and skills. The failure of big players including eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! and MSN to successfully perform in the Chinese market (source: The Guardian) have demonstrated the need for specialised local knowledge of Chinese consumers and their culture.

Be On is a division of AOL Platforms, specialising in the production and syndication of branded video content for premium clients. They work in markets across the world, alongside 40,000 publishers and 16 verticals (source: Be On). China is a relatively new market for Be On, and they were finding it tough to get the visibility and engagement they required for their initial clients. China is a key market for Be On, and so they were keen to find a way of succeeding, getting the return on investment for their clients that they knew was possible.

Market Me China is a one stop shop for marketing in China. They provide a full spectrum of marketing services to companies across the globe wanting to break into the difficult yet lucrative Chinese market. Learning of Be On’s needs and KPIs, which were to deliver 125,000 views for the Visit Britain campaign targeted at Beijing and Shanghai by 31/03/2014, they were able to use their expertise and cultural knowledge to propose a solution.

The campaign started from 14/03/2014. Market Me China’s solution was to place the Sounds of Great Britain video on the homepage of a Chinese language website with a large audience. They then employed their technical marketing skills to drive extra traffic from Beijing and Shanghai to the website, increasing the number of playbacks. Within two weeks, they had delivered the required KPIs on 29/03/2014, including 125,000 views on the Sounds of Great Britain video.

“Market Me China have been able to provide Be On, a division of AOL Platforms, a strong distribution opportunity throughout the Chinese market,” said Claire Bloxham, International Director Publisher for Be On (a division of AOL Platforms). “We found delivery even and consistent throughout our initial campaigns and are delighted to be able to move forward with a strong provider. With MMC being based in the UK, this makes our business communication extremely efficient when targeting this tough market.”

The success of the partnership between Be On and Market Me China proves the value of understanding foreign markets. Be On succeeded where other companies have failed because they did not assume the same rules and ideas applied to marketing in China as in other regions. By hiring professionals with targeted knowledge of the marketplace in Market Me China, Be On ensured that it met its targets and delivered the value its clients expect of them.

Market Me China helps companies across the globe to benefit from China’s:

– Fast-growing internet population, currently standing at 618million internet users (source: CNNIC)
– 44% internet penetration rate (source: We Are Social)
– A new internet user every 1.6 seconds (source: Go Globe)
– Estimated 597million active social media users (Source: Tech In Asia)
– 3.2billion social media accounts (source: Tech In Asia)

The number of campaigns Be On runs in China will increase over the year as new relationships develop. This presents a great opportunity for Be On and Market Me China to grow together and continue to develop their partnership.

Fenghua Mo (Sammi), Director & Founder of Market Me China Limited, said, “We are very delighted to work with Be On to promote the video campaigns in China for the premium clients. Claire Bloxham is a pro-active, detail-oriented and client-focused International Publisher Director who always understands the importance of delivering the KPIs for Be On’s clients and tries her best to find viable solutions for them. As China is a difficult market to reach, we are pleased that Be On chose Market Me China to help break into this vast market. We are looking forward to working with Be On on further projects.”