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OLEDWorks: Chinese B2B Marketing Activities Case Study

Client: OLEDWorks

OLEDWorks, the world’s leading OLED lighting manufacturer, is located in Aachen, Germany and New York, USA. Empower your creative illumination to make unique products with the world’s most advanced, best performing and highest quality multi-stack OLED technology for different industries. Their manufacturing facility is certified as ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001, IATF 16949, and IEC 61340-5-1 / DIN EN 61340-5-1 / ANSI/ESD S 20.20 with full traceability via a factory MES system. Their strong technology IP portfolio includes 30 issued U.S. patents and 12 US Patent Applications, with a total of over 300 patents and applications worldwide.

OLEDWorks - Clients of Market Me China®


In 2021, OLEDWorks contacted us for advice on how to develop a dedicated digital marketing strategy for the Chinese market where there appears to be a huge potential opportunity for OLED business in the future. They have a sales team located in Shanghai, and they looked to expand their B2B business in China with new digital marketing solutions.

Solutions: Chinese B2B Marketing Activities

Working with OLEDWorks’ US team and China team, who are the experts in the exciting OLED world, we have been providing them Chinese integrated B2B marketing activities since 2021:

OLEDWorks’ Chinese website


Since 2021, OLEDWorks has achieved the following results:

  • A localised Chinese website hosted in Hong Kong, providing fast-loading speeds in Mainland China, with bi-weekly blog posts in Chinese.
  • Creating content on OLEDWorks WeChat official account on a weekly basis.
  • WeChat followers have increased significantly and page views for the most valuable WeChat posts have increased gradually after running WeChat advertising campaigns.
  • B2B leads have been generated via Baidu PPC campaigns.


“Sammi and her team were incredible! They turned projects around quickly and at a fair price. The high quality of their work and deep knowledge of marketing and selling to the Chinese market were the key to our success. I highly recommend working with the Market Me China team.”

– Ashley Romano, Director of Marketing, OLEDWorks

SRP: Chinese Integrated Marketing Activities Case Study | Market Me China®

SRP: Chinese Integrated Marketing Activities Case Study

Client: SRP

SRP Zhuhai, with the HQ Standard Rubber Products Co. (SRP) in the US, is an industry leader in the custom fabrication and die-cutting of non-metallic materials into custom parts and components. Since 1951, SRP HQ in the US has been providing custom die-cutting services to companies in diverse industries—fashioning customer-specified materials into predefined shapes and sizes. SRP Zhuhai, based in China, has been providing the same quality of products since 2006. SRP Zhuhai has been ISO 9001 certified since 2007. In 2018, SRP Zhuhai updated their certification to ISO 9001:2015.

SRP Zhuhai - Clients of Market Me China®


In 2018, SRP HQ reached out to us to advise them on how to build an online presence for their Chinese branch SRP Zhuhai which didn’t have a Chinese website, Chinese social media accounts and digital advertising activities in China. SRP HQ realised that building a strong online presence could certainly help them to approach their B2B clients and increase sales in China.

Solutions: Chinese Integrated Marketing Activities

Partnering with SRP’s US team and China team, who have rich knowledge and expertise in their industry, we broke the Chinese integrated marketing activities down into different stages:


Since 2018, SRP Zhuhai has achieved the following results:

  • A localised Chinese website hosted in Mainland China, with regular fresh Chinese content.
  • B2B leads have been generated via Baidu PPC campaigns. The leads are not only from SMEs but also from well-known largest enterprises in China.
  • Weekly content has been published on SRP Zhuhai WeChat official account.
  • WeChat followers have been increased gradually after running WeChat advertising campaigns.
  • A YouKu channel with Chinese subtitled videos.

Rome is not built in a day – SRP Zhuhai’s Brand awareness, reputation and sales have been improved over the years. SRP Zhuhai had a successful 2021, and Market Me China’s marketing efforts have certainly been a part of that growth.


“Since starting with Market Me China, SRP Zhuhai has grown its digital presence immensely through web design, content marketing, social media marketing and paid media in China. Market Me China has been a massive help getting our digital marketing to where it is today, and we look froward to continuing to work with the company for years to come. Fenghua Mo (Sammi) has been a fantastic director to work with, and has truly made the entire process seamless.”

– Nick Gualano, Sales/Marketing at SRP

ESMO: Baidu PPC and Feed Advertising Case Study

ESMO: Baidu PPC and Feed Advertising Case Study

Client: ESMO

ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) is the leading professional organisation for medical oncology. With more than 25,000 members representing oncology professionals from over 160 countries worldwide, ESMO is the society of reference for oncology education and information.ESMO - Clients of Market Me China®


In early 2018, ESMO approached Market Me China to promote the ESMO Asia Congress 2018 in Singapore, to oncologists working in China.

Solutions: Baidu PPC and Feed Advertising

The ESMO team, based in Switzerland, is a very friendly team. After discussing with the ESMO team to better understand their requirements and target audience, we did some research about ESMO on Baidu and noticed ESMO has a great online reputation in China. Here were our recommended solutions for ESMO:

  • Run Baidu PPC campaigns by using the brand terms and the right keywords to reach oncologists in China.
  • Run Baidu Feed (display ads) campaigns by using ESMO official banners and ad copy in Chinese with a clear call-to-action.


  • Quality traffic was generated to ESMO’s official website through Baidu PPC and Feed campaigns which helped reach oncologists in China and inspire them to register for the ESMO Asia Congress 2018.
  • ESMO continues to promote their annual congresses via Baidu PPC and/or Feed campaigns in order to reach oncologists working in China and invite them to submit abstracts and to register. The congresses include:
    • European Lung Cancer Congress 2019, Geneva
    • ESMO Asia Congress 2019, Singapore
    • ESMO Asia Virtual Congress 2020 (due to Covid-19)
    • ESMO Asia Virtual Oncology Week 2021 (due to Covid-19)
    • ESMO Virtual Plenaries 2021
    • ESMO Immuno-Oncology Onsite and Online Congress 2021
    • ESMO Congress 2022, Paris
  • ESMO brand awareness and reputation in China have been strengthened over the years.


“We appreciate the high professionalism and excellent support of the Market Me China team. They have helped us reach professionals based in China who work in the field of oncology – this has supported the dissemination of new science and quality education to the ultimate benefit of people with cancer.”

– Juan Pablo Fernandez, Head of Marketing, European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)

Top Ranked US University: Chinese Digital Activities Case Study

Top Ranked US University: Chinese Digital Activities Case Study

Client: a Top Ranked US University

A top ranked US university with a large amount of Chinese international students.


In late 2015, we were approached by a top ranked US university who were concerned at the slow loading performance of their English website in Mainland China. This affected university China-based team members, Chinese agents and most importantly Chinese students. The university was looking to find ways to move towards the development of a specialised Chinese website.

Chinese Digital Marketing Solutions

Acting as the university’s Chinese digital partner, we continue to communicate with their US team and China team across multiple continents and time zones. We have been providing a range of Chinese digital activities since early 2016:

  • Chinese website development, including Chinese translation, Baidu on-site SEO, Chinese domain name, and Chinese website hosting in Hong Kong.
  • Ongoing Chinese website support, including Chinese blog post translation and publication, Chinese website monitor by using Baidu Analytics.
  • YouKu channel setup and video subtitling in Chinese.
  • WeChat post translation and content recommendation.
  • English website development: separate from the initial Chinese website development, the university also requested us to build two English websites for their different schools.


Since our collaboration in 2016, the university now has:

  • A Chinese website with fast loading speeds in China, average 1-2 seconds in China.
  • Regular fresh Chinese content published on the Chinese website.
  • A YouKu channel with Chinese subtitled videos.
  • Diversified content for WeChat.


“Prioritizing a growth strategy for China led us to Market Me China, who has proven to be a trusted partner. Our relationship has grown from one distinct project to many projects based on Market Me China’s digital expertise, excellent customer service and collaborative spirit.

“We’ve relied on their up-to-date knowledge of digital architecture, web development, SEO and translation, often requiring communication with stakeholders across multiple continents and time zones.”

– Chief Marketing Officer, a Top Ranked US University

Asendia case study

Asendia: Chinese Web Activities Case Study

Client: Asendia

Asendia, formed in July 2012 as a joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, is one of the world’s leading international ecommerce and mail shipping providers, offering a diverse range of cross-border services for business and commerce. HQ is based in Paris & Bern. Asendia has a physical presence in 17 countries, including the key ecommerce markets of the USA, UK, France and Asia.

Asendia Logo


Asendia was looking to expand its international delivery business in China and approached Market Me China for expert support with its Chinese digital marketing activity 2016.

Chinese Web Solutions

Acting as a Chinese digital marketing partner for Asendia, and with a close, collaborative working relationship and shared goals, we have been working with this client since mid-2016.

As a virtual extension to the Asendia Asia team and HQ team, Market Me China has been providing a range of Chinese online marketing activities for the brand’s HK/CN website. These include:

Asendia Ecommerce Chinese landing page

Asendia Ecommerce landing page


Asendia has been increasingly building online presence and generating leads via online marketing activities in China since 2016.

  • Asendia HK/CN website was launched in Feb 2017.
  • Asendia YouKu channel has reached 2,400+ views in Dec 2017.
  • Asendia Chinese landing pages have fast loading speed in China.
  • Asendia has been generating leads in China via Baidu PPC advertising.
  • Weekly content has been published on Asendia WeChat official account.


“I have been working with Market Me China since mid 2016, when we looked for a partner to help us developed our marketing activities in China. We found Market Me China on Google.

I knew we would need an experienced and trustworthy partner to enter this new market from a marketing perspective.

After more than a year, working side by side, we have been able to achieve very good results with our PPC campaigns. Thanks to Market Me China’s expertise.”

– Laura Roussillon, Marketing and Communications Manager APAC, Asendia Singapore Pte Ltd

Research Square: Chinese Website Localisation and Design Case Study

Research Square: Chinese Website Localisation & Design Case Study

Client: Research Square

Research Square is dedicated to helping researchers succeed and improving the way new research and academic papers are shared. All Research Square brands — AJE, Rubriq, and JournalGuide — are connected by a common purpose of developing software and services that maximize the impact of scientific research on society. They are a growing team of scientists, researchers, language experts, software developers, and publishing industry veterans working together to find new ways to help researchers communicate their work so that they can focus on making discoveries.

Research Square


Research Square was looking to increasing their visibility in China.

Solutions: Chinese Website Localisation & Design

We have been providing Chinese website localisation and design services for one of Research Square’s brands – AJE – the largest and most trusted name in scientific proofreading. This work includes content review and localisation within their CMS, new Chinese content and new webpage creation, website structure, design localisation and A/B testing as well as full website analysis.


A localised Chinese landing page for AJE was created, and the sign-up rate increased 15% in A/B testing. Please have a look at the original design below, followed by the localised version.


Before - AJE Design


After - AJE Design


Market Me China is an excellent business partner with a deep understanding of the Chinese market. As we’ve worked to localize our in-language websites, Market Me China has been invaluable in helping Research Square with content, design, translation, and strategy. Market Me China is able to contribute at both the strategic and tactical level, providing us with a holistic understanding of Chinese customer needs while also optimizing individual word and design choices on our website. We have had the pleasure of working with Market Me China for over a year, and during that time they have been flexible and responsive and consistently produced high-quality work that exceeded scope and expectations. I recommend Market Me China to any firm seeking to expand or improve their performance in China.”

– Deric Corlew, Vice President of Product, Research Square, USA

Be On: Chinese Online Marketing Case Study

Be On: Chinese Online Marketing Case Study

Client: Be On, a Division of AOL Platforms

Be On, a division of AOL Platforms within the China market. Be On is a truly global branded entertainment platform that brings together content production, syndication and real-time insights to provide advertisers with an end-to-end platform for long-form branded content across all devices. Be On creates and syndicates content across 16 key verticals to 40,000 publishers in over 90 countries around the world. It has offices in the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

AOL BeOn logo


Be On was looking for a trusted and proven Chinese marketing partner to deliver the video campaigns in China.

Solutions: Delivery of Targeted Video Campaigns in China

Acting as the first key partner with Be On for the China market, we worked closely as a marketing partner with the brand to promote video campaigns in China for Visit Britain, Exxon Mobil, IKEA, Shell, KLM, Hyundai, LG and more.


A video campaign called THIS IS GREAT BRITAIN for Visit Britain was launched on 14 March 2014.

Visit Britain video campaign in China | Market Me China®


  1. The Visit Britain campaign targeted online Chinese customers in Beijing and Shanghai for a total of 125,000 views.
  2. All views needed to be delivered within a tight timeframe of just two weeks!


We delivered the target views within the desired timeframe.


“APAC is a key region for our business and China has been an historically difficult market to reach. Market Me China have been able to provide Be On, a division of AOL Platforms, a strong distribution opportunity throughout the Chinese market. We found delivery even and consistent throughout our initial campaigns and are delighted to be able to move forward with a strong provider. With MMC being based in the UK, this makes our business communication extremely efficient when targeting this tough market.”

– Claire Bloxham, International Publisher Director at Be On, a Division of AOL Platforms, UK


“Market Me China is a really attentive and driven business partner that offers best in class service for their clients. We have really appreciated the time and effort they have gone to open up opportunities for AOL’s business in China. I would highly recommend Market Me China, their highly knowledgable and will undoubtedly add a lot of value to any activity you may run in China.”

– Jianfei Bu, Publishing Executive at Be On, a Division of AOL Platforms, UK