Client: SRP

SRP Zhuhai, with the HQ Standard Rubber Products Co. (SRP) in the US, is an industry leader in the custom fabrication and die-cutting of non-metallic materials into custom parts and components. Since 1951, SRP HQ in the US has been providing custom die-cutting services to companies in diverse industries—fashioning customer-specified materials into predefined shapes and sizes. SRP Zhuhai, based in China, has been providing the same quality of products since 2006. SRP Zhuhai has been ISO 9001 certified since 2007. In 2018, SRP Zhuhai updated their certification to ISO 9001:2015.

SRP Zhuhai - Clients of Market Me China®


In 2018, SRP HQ reached out to us to advise them on how to build an online presence for their Chinese branch SRP Zhuhai which didn’t have a Chinese website, Chinese social media accounts and digital advertising activities in China. SRP HQ realised that building a strong online presence could certainly help them to approach their B2B clients and increase sales in China.

Solutions: Chinese Integrated Marketing Activities

Partnering with SRP’s US team and China team, who have rich knowledge and expertise in their industry, we broke the Chinese integrated marketing activities down into different stages:


Since 2018, SRP Zhuhai has achieved the following results:

  • A localised Chinese website hosted in Mainland China, with regular fresh Chinese content.
  • B2B leads have been generated via Baidu PPC campaigns. The leads are not only from SMEs but also from well-known largest enterprises in China.
  • Weekly content has been published on SRP Zhuhai WeChat official account.
  • WeChat followers have been increased gradually after running WeChat advertising campaigns.
  • A YouKu channel with Chinese subtitled videos.

Rome is not built in a day – SRP Zhuhai’s Brand awareness, reputation and sales have been improved over the years. SRP Zhuhai had a successful 2021, and Market Me China’s marketing efforts have certainly been a part of that growth.


“Since starting with Market Me China, SRP Zhuhai has grown its digital presence immensely through web design, content marketing, social media marketing and paid media in China. Market Me China has been a massive help getting our digital marketing to where it is today, and we look froward to continuing to work with the company for years to come. Fenghua Mo (Sammi) has been a fantastic director to work with, and has truly made the entire process seamless.”

– Nick Gualano, Sales/Marketing at SRP