Celebrity Brand Endorsement Benefits

  • Better brand image
  • Connecting consumers emotionally
  • Creating a differentiation
  • Spread awareness
  • Increase product usage
  • Powerful marketing tool

Help You To Build Global Brand Awareness

Working with global celebrities to refresh your brand image and to attract more target audience.

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Why Global celebrity Endorsements?

Who is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador generally know face recognised by crowd in public and represent your brand / product in a positive way.

We have a strong network with Western artist management companies, agents in TV, film, sport, music the arts. We work with global celebrities in the areas of branding rights, sponsorships and brand endorsements, among other-related businesses, to help Chinese companies and Western companies to build global awareness, to refresh your brand image, to attract more target audience and to drive sales.

Working with our partner agencies, we offer complete solutions of global celebrity endorsements from selecting the right celebrity for a brand , researching a brand partner, strategy to optimise celebrity association with the brand and logistics.

Celebrity Endorsements

  • Using a celebrity in advertising or social media campaigns causes to influence brand attitude and purchase intensions of customers in a positive way.
  • When celebrities appear on print or electronic media to advertise a product or service they immediately catch the eye of the consumer.
  • The influence will be stronger of the celebrity endorse the same product or service for a longer period and consumes.
  • Celebrity endorse strong effects consumers memories and their learning approach too. This is because of the “instant recall” factor, which insure immediate focus on the brand.
  • Celebrity endorsement acts as a credible means of “money burning”. This is because this is a world of products for which the value of a consumer obtains from purchasing any given variety.
  • Since advertising is a highly critical tool for luring customers to make purchases, you are investing heavily on ambassador endorsement online advertising. Therefore , advertisers in China place emphasis on a brand recall and customer persuasion or differentiating their campaign from those of the counterparts. It is here that celebrity endorsements provide a tremendous boost.

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