Chinese Website Design

Ready to bring your brand to over 900 million Chinese internet users - many of whom actively seek out Western brands? Our solutions begin with the creation of a new or localised Chinese website to meet your target audience's needs. With our Chinese digital marketing expertise, Chinese customers will soon be seeking out your products and services.

Chinese Website

Baidu PPC

Ready to gain instant, effective and measurable promotion with a Chinese PPC campaign? Our online advertising solutions focus on Baidu, China’s leading search engine - giving your brand a fast-track to quality traffic generation. Contact us for Baidu PPC services that supercharge your visitor numbers, enquiries and conversions. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Baidu PPC

Baidu SEO

Is your Chinese website visible for your keywords on Baidu? Keen to improve your ranking and organic search traffic? We offer quality Baidu SEO solutions as part of our proven China online marketing services. We use the latest techniques and algorithms to deliver sustainable results; cementing your online position and keeping your brand one step ahead of the competition.

Baidu SEO


Chinese customers adore social media! Engage with your target audience with our cutting-edge Chinese social media solutions. From setting up your WeChat and Weibo accounts, through to creating quality targeted content and arranging KOL relationships, our services will position your branded content in front of Chinese customers.

China Social

Online PR

Want to know how to build your brand in China? Market Me China can help you to build trust, brand engagement and reputation with Chinese consumers that are keen to buy quality Western brands. We use the PR platforms, techniques and content that will take your brand further in China's lucrative and exciting growth market.

Chinese PR

Market Research

Don’t risk an expensive mistake with a poorly-researched launch! Our Chinese market research services save you budget, time and precious resources. By providing you with rich, expert insights, your campaigns can then be correctly targeted, placed and delivered from the start. Even better, we offer a range of market research methodologies to suit your different needs.


China Online Marketing Strategies and Solutions

Make it easy to succeed in the Chinese market with our one-stop shop of tailored China Digital Marketing Services. We work with you as an expert and trusted partner to provide the services that will achieve your goals – from initial market viability consultancy through to the management of integrated campaigns and post-campaign analytics. It’s easier to break China’s lucrative consumer market with our track record of success!

Our China Online Marketing Services include Chinese website design, Chinese content development, Baidu PPC, Baidu SEO, Chinese social media marketing, online PR and targeted online advertising.

China VS. West: The challenges for Western brands

Although the internet brings global commerce within the reach of all businesses, the Chinese market throws up challenges for Western marketers. Classic obstacles include language, cultural differences, government policy and the Great Firewall of China.

Chinese internet users are sophisticated, digitally savvy and keen to buy from quality Western brands. But their online behaviours differ. For example, Chinese consumers use Baidu rather than Google, WeChat rather than WhatsApp, Weibo rather than Twitter and Youku rather than YouTube! They also prefer different types of content and user journeys. Market Me China combines the best of Chinese and Western insight and experience, delivering the best possible China Online Marketing Services for your brand.