China Mobile Marketing Benefits

  • Create multi-screen marketing strategies
  • Catch the majority of Chinese online users via mobile devices
  • Follow the marketing trends in China
  • Drive traffic, build followers and win sales via mobile marketing

Develop mobile marketing strategies in China

China mobile marketing has been become increasingly important for the Chinese market and has huge potential in the future.

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Mobile Marketing in China

WeChat mCommerce

We can help you to integrate with mCommerce (Mini Program) on the most popular mobile app WeChat, one of the top popular social media platforms in China, which allows your target audience to buy goods, pay bills, even complete transactions via the simple mobile app.

Mobile Advertising

Our Mobile DSP (demand-side platform) advertising network in China covers BES (Baidu Exchange Service), Tanx adx (Taobao Ad Network & Exchange) and Google DoubleClick.

We can help you to create and manage the Mobile DSP campaigns in Chinese:

  1. Media plan development
  2. Ad creatives
  3. Targeting technology selection
  4. Campaign execution and optimisation
  5. Report and suggestions

Chinese Website Design

Create a digital hub – a localised Chinese website – for your Chinese online marketing campaigns.

Chinese Website

Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC advertising can help to gain immediately traffic, enhance visitor numbers, increase enquiries and win sales.

Baidu PPC

Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO is a long-term strategy to gain organic search traffic, increase enquiries and sales.

Baidu SEO


Engage with Chinese followers to build trust and relationship with them, so that you can gain conversions.


Online PR

Want to increase your brand reputation in China? Spread your branded messages via Online PR.

Online PR

Targeted online advertising

Targeted online advertising in China - an integrated online advertising solution for advertisers.

Online advertising

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