Baidu PPC

Bring in targeted traffic and qualified leads to your Chinese website!


Baidu PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising is a fast, effective promotion with instant results. It provides an instant route to gaining immediately traffic to your Chinese website, helping to enhance visitor numbers, increase enquiries and win sales.

If you are looking for a quickly attract targeted traffic and qualified leads to your Chinese website, Market Me China can help you.

Baidu PPC Benefits

  • Be found by your Chinese target audience on Baidu via paid search

  • Immediately increase the traffic to your Chinese website

  • Easy to measure stats and data

  • Improve brand awareness and recognition for your company

  • Increase the number of enquiries via paid search channel

  • Improve brand recognition for your company

Baidu account setup

Baidu PPC platform is called “Phoenix Nest” in China. Although Baidu Phoenix Nest is similar to Google Adwords, setting up a PPC account on Baidu Phoenix Nest is not as easy as Google Adwords. This is where Market Me China can help you.

We help you to set up your Baidu PPC account and optimise all aspects of your PPC campaigns, to drive the target Chinese customers to your website. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

Steps to Set Up a Baidu PPC Account

  1. Initial Approval of your website
    In order to promote your products and services on Baidu PPC, Baidu will first need to initial approve your company as some industries are not permitted to be advertised on Baidu, such as gambling, adult material and tobacco products for example.
    We will provide your registered company name and the website which you plan to promote to Baidu. The registered company name must be the same as on the website or documented on an About Us or similar page. Baidu will review the website and inform you if you have qualified to account a Baidu PPC account.
  2. Submit required documents
    After initial approval by Baidu, we will help you to submit the required company documents, including copies of your business license (government issued company registration certificate), finance document and any other documents if required. Once the required documents are approved by Baidu, it means you are one step closer to open your Baidu PPC account.
  3. Make an initial payment
    Baidu requires an initial payment to set up a PPC account, which can then be used for your campaigns. The initial payment might change depending on the regions and countries. An annual fee will be charged depending on regions.
  4. Receive login details
    The login details of your Baidu PPC account will be provided to you once the Baidu PPC advertising fee arrives to your Baidu account.

Usually, advertisers do not need a .cn domain, or a Chinese ICP licence.

Please note: It takes about 4 weeks to set up a Baidu PPC account.

According to Baidu’s policy, one Baidu PPC account can only promote one website, so you will own your account. Currently the Baidu PPC account admin system is only available in Chinese.

Why does Baidu place strict qualifications on advertisers?

Because Baidu have previously been fined for the advertising of illegal business such as fake medicines, therefore Baidu places great importance on the approval of a company and website prior to the running of any PPC account.

Baidu PPC Management

At Market Me China, we understand the importance of Baidu Phoenix Nest PPC account structure. If an account is structured properly the ads will be shown effectively, relevant keywords will be chosen, quality scores will not drop, effective clicks will not be missed.

Baidu PPC Account

Baidu PPC accounts are organised with four levels: account, campaign, ad group and keyword/ad copy, at which we will manage separate functions of your ads.

  1. Account level
    Controls administrative information, ie. account access and billing.
  2. Campaign level
    Manages all ad groups, ie. set target region, daily budgets, start and end dates and times, display mode of ad copy, excluded keywords and IP.
  3. Ad group level
    Manages a group of ads, ie. create relevant groups, set cost-per-click bids etc.
  4. Keyword /ad copy level
    Specifies setting the keywords, ad copy, display URLs and landing page destination URLs.

Search Advertising

Baidu search ads, a normal sort of PPC Ads, are text ads or graphical ads displayed on search engine results pages. They can appear on the left hand side, above or below the search results, and body of first search result page which is different from Google search ads, but good for you to promote your products.

Display Advertising

Baidu display ads are graphical ads that appear on thousands of Display Network websites using Baidu Wangmeng (AdSense) allowing your ads to be shown on external websites. Display ads can be created in a number of formats and sizes using text ads, images, animations or videos etc.

Keyword Research

We will provide keyword research using Baidu PPC keyword tool. We highly recommend you NOT to directly translate the keywords from English, as the keywords found on Baidu are different from Google and other search engines.

Daily management

We will monitor progress of your Baidu PPC account and make adjustments to keywords, ad copies, bids on a daily basis.

Data Analytics

We will analyse the PPC performance data by using Baidu Tongji (Analytics), so that we can see the trends and optimise the conversion rate.

Monthly reports

Based on data analytics, we will report monthly on work completed, results achieved against objectives and suggested work planned for the next month according to your available budget. Reports are customised to meet your marketing needs.

Other platforms

We also use other PPC platforms besides Baidu to meet your needs, including Qihoo 360, Sogou in Chinese etc.

China Online Marketing Services

Baidu Search Engine Optimisation

Our Baidu SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) enables more than half a billion Chinese internet users to find your products / services on Baidu, the leading search engine in China, via organic search.

China Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has been become increasingly important for the Chinese market and has huge potential in the future. We can help you to attract your Chinese audience via mobile websites, apps and advertising.

Baidu Pay Per Click Advertising

Baidu PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising provides an instant and effective route to gaining immediately traffic to your Chinese website, helping to enhance visitor numbers, increase enquiries and win sales.

Chinese Website Design

In order to create a Chinese user friendly website, our Chinese website services will provide the solutions of Chinese website design and development, localisation, Chinese domain name registration and website hosting.

China Social Media Marketing

China SMM (Social Media Marketing) has become popular for online marketing campaigns. We enable your business to communicate with your audience in a way that is sensitive to Chinese culture.

Targeted Online Advertising

Targeted online advertising in China – Super Advertising Media Engine, a leading efficient intelligent internet advertising platform of China, is an integrated and effective online advertising solution for international advertisers.

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