Baidu SEO Benefits

  • Be easily found by your Chinese target audience on Baidu via organic search
  • Improve your ranking against target Chinese keywords on Baidu
  • Improve your Baidu Ranking on China’s Google equivalent
  • Increase organic search traffic to your Chinese website
  • Achieve optimum web page indexing on Baidu for SERPs and visibility
  • Increase the volume of quality leads, enquiries and sales

Tailor-Made Baidu SEO

Leverage the power of Baidu SEO in a sustainable, results-driven way with our expert Baidu SEO service. Our team will ensure your brand grows its visibility online, receives higher volumes of quality traffic to your Chinese digital hub and sees an upswing in conversions from Chinese customers.

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Why Baidu SEO?

Baidu SEO Search Engine Optimisation | Market Me China®

With over 75% of market share and 900+ million Chinese internet users, online brands in China must succeed on Baidu – China’s largest search engine and equivalent to Google.


Although similar in scope to Google, Baidu operates differently and is designed to target the unique behaviours of Chinese internet users. Our team use results-driven techniques to deliver tailored Baidu SEO services that meet your brand’s needs and objectives – building your long-term success with Chinese SEO. We target your audience to bring your business measurable returns.

Baidu SEO Planning

We listen carefully to your needs and seek to understand your business and brands in detail to craft Baidu SEO plans which meet your unique objectives – and those of your Chinese target audience. From carrying out competitor research to delivering a tailored Baidu SEO strategic plan with follow-up analytics, we deliver quality outcomes.

Baidu SEO Planning (Search Engine Optimisation in Chinese) | Market Me China®

Baidu Search Engine Optimisation

Baidu On-site Search Engine Optimisation

We work with you to analyse your website and to identify the necessary adjustments that will optimise it for the Chinese user experience. By adjusting user journeys, content and flow, we also ensure that Baidu can easily and accurately index your Chinese website for greater visibility.

Our Baidu on-site SEO service spans the key aspects that you need from success. We handle it all for you – from submitting your website to Baidu through to creating optimal structures, tags, internal links and more – creating organic content that resonates with human readers as well as Baidu’s search bots and optimising every aspect of your site to maximise its search friendly nature.

Baidu Off-site Search Engine Optimisation

Link building is a highly relevant and powerful strategy for off-site SEO gains. Market Me China creates all necessary backlinks to drive targeted traffic to your website – delivering those all-important conversions.

Our Baidu Off-site SEO service also supports PR activity, particularly reputation management on China’s biggest search engine. To achieve this, we create and publish branded posts and articles on carefully-selected third-party platforms, optimise rankings for published content on Baidu SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and optimise the Baidu search bar drop-down box. This ensures that the Baidu search bar recommends your brand when Chinese customers input relevant search terms. Ask us to show you how!

Performance Tracking, Ongoing Reporting and Improvement

Performance tracking is essential to evidence your marketing success. It will measure previous activities and provide a benchmark for future goal-setting. We use Baidu Tongji (Analytics) and Baidu Ziyuan (Webmaster) tools to analyse the most up-to-date and reliable online data for your campaign. This allows us to understand trends and to continually improve your campaign performance.

Using this performance tracking data, we also provide customised weekly/monthly reports. These include data, trends and analysis for overall website traffic and trends, landing page stats, rankings for target keywords, Baidu integrated marketing performance, target Chinese audience engagement and more.

Gain sustainable, long-term benefits from China Baidu SEO now.