Chinese Branding Benefits

  • Localise and add value to your Chinese product or service offering
  • Connect with Chinese customers for conversions
  • Differentiate your offering from the competition
  • Build a long-term value proposition for your marketing strategy
  • Easier to increase your brand recognition in China

Create your Chinese brand

Did you know for example that names are deeply significant for Chinese people? And that certain numbers are lucky – or conversely, considered unlucky? What about colours in China? It’s vital to know these Chinese cultural aspects to avoid expensive mistakes and to maximise success.

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End to End Chinese Branding Solutions

At Market Me China, we provide a flexible Chinese branding service to suit your unique needs. Whether you need a localised logo or a targeted and bespoke Chinese brand, we will ensure that your completed brand is designed and created with your target Chinese audience in mind.

Our team has the knowledge to choose the right Chinese names, colours, shapes, images and typography for your unique business and target audience. Don’t make an expensive mistake and assume you can simply translate your Western brand into Chinese; it rarely works!

The biggest brands all use localised brands which are designed to have the right impact in their Chinese market, such as Coca-Cola – “可口可乐”(Kekou Kele) meaning “tasty and joyful”, Colgate –  “高露洁” (Gaolujie) meaning “revealing superior cleanliness” and Nestle –  “雀巢” (Quechao) meaning “sparrow nest” because the brand’s logo is a sparrow in a nest.

Our Chinese Branding solution can:

  1. Add value to your products and services
    A strong brand inevitably means stronger sales. Chinese customers love quality Western brands and will pay a premium for them.
  2. Assist with Chinese audience engagement
    We know exactly how to share your branded messages with your Chinese customers – from storytelling through to the creation of gamification campaigns on social media.
  3. Competitor differentiation
    With our service, your Chinese brand will capture all necessary USPs for expert positioning in this lucrative and sophisticated market.
  4. Increase your brand recognition in China
    Your Chinese brand name will help you to create a Chinese presence, consolidate your position and grow sustainably for the longer-term.
  5. Benefit your long-term business strategy in China
    If you’re serious about building sales in China, our branding service will help to create that vital and sustainable foundation for your digital marketing efforts.

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