Chinese Online PR Benefits

  • Build trust with your target audience in China
  • See your brand’s recognition and reputation grow in China
  • Build your brand value by using China’s newest marketing trends
  • Master the power of Word of Mouth marketing for clear results

Build brand reputation

Did you know that Chinese customers put far more faith in peer-to-peer recommendations and brand authority than Western customers? We make it easy for you to build your brand in China – from recognition through to reputation, along with effective Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing in China.

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Create a Strong Brand that Delivers Measurable Value in China

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Ready to harness the power of brand awareness and reputation in a country where authoritative voices translate into sales? Chinese customers look for brands which appeal to their values. But how can you understand their culture and online behaviour – and then use these insights to build a powerful online presence in China? We are here to help – from developing your tone of voice and positioning through to selecting the right platforms.

Online PR in China

Chinese branded press releases

Chinese language branded press releases are vital to success in this lucrative and increasingly competitive market where reputation is key. We create compelling releases for your brand and publish them on the platforms, portals and channels that count in China. This extends your marketing value further, allowing your brand to grow from its awareness and recognition stage in China, through to a position of authority, respect, trust and desirability.

Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing

Did you know that WOM marketing is far more important in China than it is in the West? We can help you with WOM marketing covering the internet in China

  1. Baidu marketing, including Baidu Wiki, Q&A,  Post bar, Library
  2. Blog marketing
  3. Forum marketing

Build your Chinese brand and grow its value in the lucrative Chinese market.