Translation and Copywriting Benefits

  • Ensure accuracy and integrity of the translation
  • Incorporate key marketing messages
  • Deliver SEO friendly copy
  • Ensure content adds value to Chinese readers

Chinese Translation and Copywriting

Create high-impact Chinese language marketing materials that add real value. Our SEO friendly content services make your Chinese online marketing easier!

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Chinese Translation and Copywriting Services

Chinese Translation

Can you simply translate your Western marketing materials into Chinese and expect them to succeed? Sadly not – because your Chinese audience has a distinct culture and needs of its own. Our service makes it easy to create high-impact marketing content that achieves your objectives. We carry out the Chinese keyword research to ensure SEO gains and accurately translate your content into Chinese, ensuring that it retains its key marketing messages. focusing on brand value as well as accuracy, we can retain the purpose, drive and integrity of your materials; localising them for your target audience.

Our team is highly experienced in the art of writing Chinese content for search engines and for human readers alike. We translate the SEO elements as well as your ‘obvious’ content too, ensuring that search engines such as Baidu can rapidly access it and improve the accuracy of organic search results for your keywords. In short, more visitors to your Chinese website!

Chinese Copywriting

We can translate your newsletters, blog posts, brochures and other content to Mandarin Chinese. Again, we blend Chinese SEO and human reader needs at all times, optimising the reader experience and ensuring that your target market can find your content online. All content is localised, unique and written with your target audience in mind for the best possible results.

As well as creating fresh content for your brand, our Chinese translation and copywriting services include copy-editing, to improve your overall content presentation and accuracy. Sophisticated Chinese customers appreciate the attention to detail!

Please note:

We will avoid any translations and copyrighting of certain content including adult material, gambling, violation, certain political views and any other content contrary to Chinese laws, which block such content in Mainland China.

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