Google SEO and Google Ads Benefits

We provide our Western clients with high-quality targeted Google SEO and paid advertising campaign services to build their brands, generate leads and boost sales. Together these activities:

  • Generate quality leads through carefully managed campaigns
  • Boost sales through long-term organic search traffic and short-term paid traffic to your English website
  • Help your brand to grow its business in new target markets
  • Improve your brand value and increase your ROI in the Western markets where people use Google

Tailor-Made Google SEO and Google Ads Solutions

Based on your needs, we will create a bespoke solution to meet your needs, whether that is via a Google on-page SEO solution, a backlink building solution, an ongoing Google SEO package, or through Google Ads management..

Want to build your organic ranking and effectively manage your paid ads on Google?

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English Language Website Development

English website design and development

After ongoing requests from our Western clients, we are proud to now be building English language websites, fully optimised for Western digital standards and algorithms to ensure that these websites are SEO-friendly for Google and for human readers alike. Our digital marketing experts can provide end-to-end website builds to suit client needs, optimising returns at every stage and futureproofing with robust technologies and the latest build standards. We use the latest research, insights, build standards, content, imagery and Google SEO insights to create websites that customers will naturally engage with – and which deliver those all-important conversions. Naturally, we also build mobile-friendly sites that work smoothly and perfectly across all OS systems and devices.

Google SEO Services

When we build English language websites for our clients, we ensure that our on-page SEO is designed to meet Google’s changing needs. We can also offer off-page SEO link-building services if our clients require this. In all cases, we can also provide consultancy and advice on the best practices and methodologies to use to optimise results. We always use ethical and white-hat SEO services that deliver true customer value, whilst satisfying the ever-changing needs of search bots.

Google SEO services

Google Ads Management

Google Ads management services

We are also offering Google Ads management services, working flexibly to deliver the required campaigns to budget and quality standards and with full reporting at every step of the campaign. Our experts can tightly define the targeting criteria for your brand to minimise waste and to ensure that the right online users see your adverts – with compelling ad creative that maximises clicks. Naturally, we also integrate our services so that our client landing pages and CTAs are optimised for the target user, and to get the best results.

Who Do We Work With?

We are pleased to offer English website building, Google SEO management and Google Ads management services to new clients from the West and in China, and to our existing clients alike. We work with clients across a variety of industries including e-commerce, travel, and education.

Many of our clients already use Market Me China to build Chinese language and hosted websites for their Chinese market and to deliver high-impact digital marketing services in China. Now we are pleased to leverage our excellent track record to bring these services to the English market; further amplifying the results that our business clients can achieve with the right multi-market marketing strategies.

From consultancy and advice through to direct delivery and analysis, Market Me China is here to help you to succeed in the fast-growing, complex and exciting world of digital marketing – whether your target markets are in China, the West – or across both. We can support your brand with focused pieces of digital marketing project work or provide a full-service digital marketing work programme to support your entire marketing plan. Please contact us in the first instance to discuss your needs and how we might best help you to achieve your goals

Grow your business in the global market with expert Google SEO and Google Ad campaigns – fully created and managed for your unique business needs.