How Chinese digital marketing agencies will use ChatGPT with their clients in 2023

ChatGPT is becoming more and more useful for people all over the world, with marketing agencies turning to artificial intelligence programs to speed up their content delivery and help international clients. This is increasingly the case in China, with digital marketing agencies supporting multinational companies in all of their localities. Learn more about how Chinese digital marketing agencies are using ChatGPT for their clients, in addition to some major concerns to pay attention to throughout your Chinese digital marketing strategies.

How Chinese digital marketing agencies will use ChatGPT with their clients in 2023?

There are a few different ways that marketing agencies will look to use ChatGPT in 2023, with each providing more value to their clients than using one method alone. Just some of the techniques that digital marketing agencies will use in the near future include:

Idea generation

Thinking of specific pieces of content to include on a Chinese website or popular Chinese social media channels can be a challenge, especially after an extended period of running a blog. In response to this, some content creators and site owners have started asking tools such as ChatGPT for content creation recommendations. This consists of asking questions such as “What are good solutions for companies advertising in China?”, with more specific queries having even greater success. In response, ChatGPT creates a bullet point list of pieces for companies to use when pitching their products to audiences.

Content creation

Aside from using ChatGPT to generate ideas for content, some people use the software to create entire pieces of content for them. This includes everything from paragraphs in blog posts or sections of video scripts to entire content strategies worth of information. When using content generation tools it is important to use a thorough brief. Be detailed in what you ask of ChatGPT, as there is potential for over-improvisation or the content going away from your intended key points.

Improved customer service

There are a couple of ways of providing good customer service, with intensive training and effective recruitment being some of the most significant. However, some companies cannot devote this many resources to customer service and are left working with small teams and limited tools. One of the main tools that companies can use when providing more effective customer service is ChatGPT, which is able to have intelligent conversations with customers and resolve any of the concerns they have with human oversight of the discussion, rather than a person having to have the entire conversation.

Cornerstone content creation

Cornerstone content refers to information on a website that is always there, such as key blog posts and information such as frequently asked questions. As ChatGPT is taught based on a wealth of data from millions of sources, it has plenty of information on almost all industries, products and topics. By feeding some of your frequently asked questions into ChatGPT you can receive well-written and accurate responses that reassure your customers and resolve their issues. Just note that this is best for more general questions that you receive, with AI not being trained on your data it can struggle to talk about your company.


International business can have some complexities when marketing, such as creating content that matches in tone and verbiage across multiple languages and dialects. This is especially difficult in China, with English and Mandarin both being extremely common languages that people absorb marketing materials in. Artificial intelligence is an excellent tool for translating content and information from one format to the other. Tools such as ChatGPT and DeepL are perfect for translating information from one localisation to another accurately, avoiding issues such as misrepresenting products by using more consistent translation tools that are trained on billions of sentences of data from across the internet.

Issues to be aware of

There are a few issues to be aware of when using ChatGPT which can cause issues for a company. By being aware of these and actively looking out for them you can improve your content significantly. These major issues to examine include:

Tone of voice

Different companies aim to use different tones of voice depending on a few factors, from the industry they work in to their target audience and goals. ChatGPT doesn’t typically understand tone of voice or write in a specific way to suit an audience. If you rely on ChatGPT too much this can become an issue and lead to readers losing interest in what you write. At the very least, ensure that you have human oversight over the writing process and make tweaks to the tone that the AI uses wherever necessary.

Regulatory issues

Countries and authorities all across the world have different regulations in place, even within areas under Chinese authority. For example, Hong Kong’s regulations differ from those seen in East Turkestan (or Xinjiang). These are issues that ChatGPT might not properly understand and could lead to you using data sources and information that isn’t legal to discuss in China, with controversial events such as Tiananmen Square being completely banned. Have someone with expertise in Chinese law look over any AI-generated content to make sure that it suits legal requirements.


Chinese readers look for authenticity in their content, and ChatGPT can be a serious issue with that. Some of the content that AI generates can appear as robotic or obviously generated, which limits its usefulness in markets that value people being genuine and authentic. As much as you can avoid this being an issue by having someone proofread the content and make adjustments wherever necessary, there is still a risk of ChatGPT generating content that doesn’t appear to be written by a human being.

The balanced approach

In conclusion, when working with digital marketing in international markets you need to have plenty of balance in your approach. By adding human oversight and attentiveness to your marketing team’s artificial intelligence strategy, you have a much greater chance of connecting with potential buyers across the world, passing through legislative difficulties and growing companies in countries all over the world.