OTT: Smart TV Advertising in China

An effective way to reach the Chinese family audience

Large-screen Advertising on Smart TV

OTT (Over The Top) Smart TV supplements online advertising to Chinese families.

Smart TV Advertising benefits

  • High GRP delivery
  • Powerful brand medium
  • Supplements standard online advertising
  • Reach the Chinese family audience

Smart TV Advertising in China


  • OTT is the fastest-growing advertising medium in China, with a 208% increase in viewing in 2016.
  • The living room has become the new economic growth point if you are targeting family groups.
  • The Chinese are switching from desktops and mobile devices to Smart TVs.
  • OTT Audience:

  • Urban families
  • High income, well-educated
  • Families with new children
  • China’s most important consumer groups
  • One-Stop OTT Smart TV Advertising Solution in China:

  • OTT : More Brand-driven
  • OTT: Enables Big Data Marketing
  • OTT: Makes Marketing Different
  • OTT: Trustworthy and verified data
  • OTT is a great choice
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