Chinese SEO tips from Baidu’s top mobile searches in 2013

Looking at the most popular search terms for a demographic, region, or country is a great way to understand what they care about. It can give you an indication of the kind of content and topics your target market is going to be interested it. You could also find it a good source of inspiration for your Chinese SEO, as you can use relevant related keywords to capture some of that traffic.

With over 460million mobile internet users in China last year, some of their top 10 searches make for interesting reading about Baidu SEO and consumer behaviour.

Train ticket (2) and Check time (10)

Chinese consumers like to use their mobiles for travel-related searches and activities. 23% of mobile users often booked hotels or airline tickets online, while 34% do so occasionally. And with 61% believing online offers better prices than offline and China’s mobile internet users soaring this year towards 800million, that’s a lot of eager traffic for UK travel providers and attractions to tap into (source: China Internet Watch). Using the right Baidu SEO techniques, you can help Chinese travellers to find you, and the convenient online travelling services that you provide.


Lottery (3) and Gold price (4)

Nothing illustrates China’s move towards a more Western consumerist culture better than their 3rd and 4th top mobile searches. Of course, China’s Masculine society means that wealth has always been a sought-after asset, but the popularity of the search term ‘gold price’ shows perhaps the way Chinese consumers want to spend their wealth is changing. In the first half of 2013 the Chinese bought 383.86 tons worth of gold jewellery – a 44% increase on the same period in 2012 (source: International Business Times) Luxury retailers will find China’s aspirational wealth searches particularly inspiring.


Translation (6)

In 2013 97million Chinese tourists went abroad. With language difficulties being one of the primary concerns for the Chinese traveller, the availability of translation apps has likely encouraged many to travel further. Chinese travellers are big spenders abroad, with some foreign companies beginning to refer to them as ‘walking wallets’ (source: South China Morning Post). Knowing that translation is something Chinese mobile users are after allows you to push your Chinese-friendly services to the forefront of your offering. If the language barrier is something they are worried about, using Chinese SEO to show yourself as a hotel or attraction that caters to Chinese speakers can win you a lot of grateful business.


Express delivery (8)

With around 10,000 transactions taking place online every day in China in 2013, it’s hardly a surprise that lots of mobile users were looking for places offering fast delivery. China’s distribution network is in need of improvement as the growth of online shopping has taken the country somewhat by surprise. But distribution and online retail continues to advance swiftly, with many consumers using their mobiles to track their packages in transit. Marketing your company on the strength of its delivery and aftercare services could help you to win business from concerned and impatient consumers.


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