Chinese Website Benefits

  • Create a digital hub for effective Chinese marketing campaigns
  • Maximise audience accessibility with Chinese website hosting
  • Provide a distinct identifier for China with a Chinese domain name
  • Tailor UX to the unique needs of your Chinese customers

Create and localise your website

By creating an adaptable and localised Chinese website, your brand or business has the chance to be viewed by more than 800 million motivated Chinese internet users; many of whom are seeking out Western brands and ready to buy online.

Create your user-friendly Chinese website today.

Chinese Website Design and Development: Create Your Digital Hub

Chinese Website Design & Development | Market Me China®

Want to know how to design a website for your Chinese audience? We can help. Chinese internet users are sophisticated customers with their own unique wants, preferences and needs. We create the content, user journeys, design, marketing messages and overall UX that resonates with your target audience. As an example of how important this local knowledge is, just look at La Mer and their “温和美白系列” (Brilliant White skincare collection), perfectly understanding that Chinese females aspire to have bright white skin (rather than a Western tan!)

At Market Me China, our website localisation services encompass graphic design, content, user journeys, payment gateways, overall UX and techniques that work in China. We produce beautiful, impactful websites for Chinese customers that are SEO friendly with Baidu, easy to update on intuitive CMS systems, e-commerce enabled, social media integrated and ready to deliver conversions. As part of our Chinese website design services, we also build specific landing pages for Chinese Baidu PPC and social media marketing campaigns, achieving your goals at every step.

How to build a Chinese website?

We can help you to convert your English website into a Chinese localised version or develop a brand new Chinese website with our end to end Chinese website design service.

Our team of experts will:

  • Consult with you to understand your brand, Chinese marketing strategy, goals and objectives.
  • Approach your build from an online marketing perspective, for maximum results
  • Prioritise simplified and high-performing UX – with clear navigation and calls to action, plus a mobile-friendly site structure.
  • Install a user-friendly content management system for ongoing updates and edits.
  • Support you with your branded content needs, whether you need a keyword-rich, Chinese SEO-friendly translation or fresh organic Chinese copywriting.

Please note: content is easily banned in Mainland China, where it may contravene laws that relate to gambling, politics, adult content and more.

Chinese Website Design & Development | Market Me China®

Chinese Website Localisation

It is a common misunderstanding:
Website localisation = Website translation?

Chinese website localisation encompasses far more than simple website translation.

Successful brands go one step further than simply translating English websites into Chinese. Localisation services ensure that content, journeys, design, structure and overall UX is designed to meet unique Chinese customer needs. Chinese localisation website design services factor in a wide range of Chinese socio-cultural and technical variables.

At Market Me China, we ensure that your content – text, graphics and videos – is accurately translated into different languages in a way that supports local cultural variables and technical access.

We use a proven methodology that incorporates three Chinese website localisation services:

  1. Chinese cultural customisation
  2. Chinese internet user experience
  3. Translation quality

We can provide rich insights into the localisation needs for your Chinese website and share competitor benchmarking for localisation efforts.

Chinese Domain Registration

We always recommend that our clients have a Chinese domain extension (.cn / / .中国) as a distinct identifier for China and a mark of credibility for any Chinese website. This eases the route to market and conversion success in this sophisticated, rapidly-growing digital market. Want to know more? Please get in touch.

Can a Western company register a Chinese domain name?

Yes, any foreign company without a local presence can register a Chinese domain name without a third-party Chinese trustee, according to the China domain name registration rules on 29 May 2012 issued by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). We can provide more information about this or provide the service for you, for ease.

How to register a Chinese domain name?

The process can seem convoluted to Western brands and it involves an array of steps and administration in Chinese. Government-issued certificates, ID and other forms of information are required for approval by the Chinese authorities. There are also legal requirements to factor in. We make it easy by handling the process smoothly for you, so that your Chinese domain name is approved without unnecessary delays.

You’ll have your Chinese domain name, once approved by CNNIC.

Please note: Violating rights of third parties, names against moral, ethnic and government standards, and any other names contrary to the laws of China are prohibited.

Chinese Website Hosting

It is a common question: Does my Chinese website need to be hosted inside Mainland China?

The good news is, no, it doesn’t need to be. However, if you are eligible to host it in Mainland China, we recommend that you do so to avoid the Great Firewall of China, maximise customer accessibility and gain the SEO benefits.

Should I host my website inside Mainland China?

This depends on whether you have a business there or not. If so, there are various administrative processes which we can manage for you, to secure your ICP licence number from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China.

About ICP licences
If your website is hosted in Mainland China, you must obtain an ICP (Internet Content Provider) licence that is a permit issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to permit China-based websites to operate in China. The ICP licence numbers for Chinese websites can often be found on the bottom of the website homepage.

Website hosting outside Mainland China

For Western brand operating outside of China, we recommend having your Chinese website hosted in Hong Kong as it is close vicinity to Mainland China and ensures your website operates as quickly and effectively as possible to your Chinese customers.

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With a rich understanding of China’s complex digital economy, we leverage integrated online marketing strategies to deliver brand visibility, customer engagement and those all-important conversions.

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