Four Tips Baidu guides you to design a Chinese website

Having a good quality Chinese website can attract your Chinese audience. Following the top tips provided by Baidu, you should gain some great ideas on best practices in Chinese website design.

Recently, Baidu Webmaster platform released a report on Chinese website trends in 2013 where you can learn the top tips to make or improve your website for a Chinese audience.


Tip 1: Building good quality original content on Chinese website

Building good quality original content is king, which will both engage Chinese internet users and receive benefits from Baidu. In 2013, Baidu is developing “Spark Program” to support websites providing good quality original content as up to 75% of websites are considered poor and low quality, providing duplicated content.

Baidu “Spark Program” provides the advanced tools to support the original websites to develop more original and high quality content. Did you know Baidu loves original and fresh content even more than Google? So, why not provide up to date content on your industry regularly to attract both your Chinese audience and Baidu – the biggest search engine in China.


Tip 2: Integrate social media into your website for improved SEO

On top of the basic elements of SEO for your website, such as flat site structure, standarised simple URLs and quality content, it is now imperative to integrate social media platforms in to your website. Due to the number of microblogging sites and social media platforms in China, more search engines now consider social networking factors in their rankings.


Tip 3: Providing good quality images

In 2012, Baidu found that there was high growth in searches for quality imagery, for 2013 Baidu will place more emphasis on providing search results with quality images to meet the increased demand. Therefore it is of growing importance to provide good quality imagery on your website, helping internet users and your rankings with Baidu.


Tip 4: Keep up-to-date with website security

Baidu reminds webmasters that it is important to keep your website security up-to-date, this will help keep your website online and problem free.

How to prevent hackers obtaining permission to access your site?
Reading a variety of open-source vulnerability reports, repairing any problems will reduce losses to the site.

Keep an eye on the top tips Baidu suggests for Chinese websites as this will help you to gain more internet users!

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