How to get huge growth potential from WeChat advertising?

Do you think the vast Chinese market is off-limits to your organisation? Or perhaps you’re already marketing to China markets but want to take your turnover and profit to a new level?

Either way you should examine the possibilities presented by the WeChat advertising service operated by Market Me China. Contact us today or read on to find out more about the size and scope of WeChat and how you can access millions of prospects with targeted ads.

Why WeChat?

WeChat is roughly equivalent to WhatApp and is now one of the world’s largest standalone mobile apps, if measured by the number of active monthly users – over a billion. Of those, more than 90% use it daily and more than half use it for over 90 minutes per day (all figures from March 2018, Tencent).

It has wider functionality than WhatApp. As well as the usual messaging and posting it can be used to play games, order food, pay bills, read news, book appointments and many more day-to-day functions. Its reach and influence are way above that of any other online platform in China.

The demographic also matches international products and services. WeChat user penetration rates are greatest in the cities, with 93% in the Tier 1 cities (the Chinese have a five tier system for grading the size and economic value of towns and cities). You are therefore putting your message in front of a sophisticated, prosperous audience that consumes international products and influences other to do so.

WeChat official account setup

Businesses are able to open official accounts. This has been very difficult for companies outside China until recently, but even now a WeChat account setup outside China will only be visible to users outside China – no good if you want to access the Chinese market.

Fortunately we can help you set up an account that will be visible to all WeChat users, both inside and outside China. It’s a complicated process and one that changes frequently. But because of our close links with WeChat we can stay on top of these changes. You can find out more in one of our previous blog posts: Overseas Companies can now open WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat might change their policies all the time. We encourage you to visit our latest blog posts to keep yourself informed.

WeChat Official Account Banner Ads

WeChat Banner ads from your new WeChat official account can target every touch point in the conversion funnel to maximise reach and engagement among your target audience.WeChat Banner ads can be placed within articles posted by other official accounts, with an on-click pop-up following the ad with a CTA.

Larger image-based ads can also be posted on a CPM basis with the cost varying by the city ‘tier’ you select, although WeChat segregates the biggest into three groups rather than the five tiers.

WeChat Moments Ads

WeChat also offers Moments ads which are particularly popular with international luxury brands. Integral with WeChat, Moments is the most popular social feed in China and ads flow with other user-generated content so as to be non-disruptive.

Moments ads are highly customisable and are spread virally through the ability of users to like and comment on them.

KOL Mutual Publisher Ads on WeChat

A third option is to partner with a publisher and key opinion leader (KOL) to get your ad in front of the right people. The placement method is either to show your ad in existing recommended publisher articles or custom created advertorial specific to the brand placing the campaign.

Pricing is fluid and set by the publisher, but you have the option to accept or reject that price, depending on your expected ROI from ads placed by that publisher.

Market segregation

Like Facebook, fantastic advert ROI is delivered by extremely high targeting. As well as general demographic information you can target ads by the user’s physical and technical environment, interests, behaviour and market segment.

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