How to Market to Chinese students

It can be expensive, and it’s a long way to travel. Yet every year, tens of thousands of Chinese students study in the UK. There are many reasons Chinese students study abroad, some culture, some personal, and to help you understand your target market, and therefore how to market to Chinese students, we’ve listed six.

1. China’s Masculine society

China is a Masculine society. It measures success in tangible ways, such as your salary, and what grades you earned at school. Sending your child to study abroad is an expensive gesture that demonstrates your wealth. In fact, around 90 per cent of the country’s richest want to send their children to study abroad (source: International Business Times).

2. Face (Mianzi)

Getting good grades is vital for preserving not only your face (Mianzi), but your parent’s face as well. Sending their children to study abroad isn’t an empty gesture all about how much money it cost. Chinese people want their children to have the best education, and Chinese students study abroad because they want to get the best grades in order to reflect well upon themselves and their parents.

3. Freedom from pressure

With China’s society being focussed on high achievement, studying abroad gives students a chance to escape that. While still wanting to do as well as possible, being far away gives students a bit more freedom. This isn’t about being able to slack off, but Chinese students are no different from other students; university is a chance for them to get away from home, and their parents, and live their own lives.

4. Does China’s education system make Chinese students study abroad?

Measuring success the way it does, it is not surprising that China’s education system focuses on highly practical topics and skills. With a swiftly growing economy, China needs highly trained people, and this is the end to which its education system is focussed. This means that creative pursuits aren’t given much room. Students who want to follow their passions for art, fashion or design are drawn to study in the UK, where it is more acceptable to study them (source: London and Partners).

5. Chance to improve their English

English is the official language of 53 countries, and has 328million native speakers worldwide (source: Top Ten Tip). This places it at number three in the list of most spoken languages in the world, although this doesn’t take into account the number of people with English as their second or third language. As such a popular and widespread language, it is hardly surprising that Chinese students want to improve their English, and studying abroad in the UK is a great way to do that (source: The Free Library).

6. Experience the culture

One of the things that appeals to Chinese students is the sheer difference in culture. The UK has a completely different society to China, based on different attitudes, beliefs, and values. One of the reasons Chinese students study abroad is because it gives them a chance to experience something completely new to them.

Marketing to Chinese students

Demonstrating that you understand them is key in attracting Chinese students. Market Me China offer a native understanding of Chinese culture, and will make marketing to students simple and rewarding. Get in touch today to hear more.

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