How to use Baidu advertising to market in China?

It’s not just an 80% share in the Chinese search engine market that makes Baidu so useful to marketers (source: China Internet Watch). Baidu advertising is a great way to reach your Chinese market.

Here’s what running a paid advertising campaign on Baidu entails, and how a Baidu PPC management agency can make the process easier and more effective.

Set up a Baidu advertising account

One obvious benefit of using a Baidu PPC agency is that they can navigate their way around the Chinese interface. They also know the relevant rules and regulations – some of which are strict and complicated if you aren’t in the know – that need to be followed. Your Baidu advertising partners are able to set up your account, pay the correct fees, and secure the necessary legal documents.

Keyword research

You need to know what your target market is going to be searching for. To do this, your Baidu PPC agency will use keyword research tools to find out what the most popular search terms are for your product, service, or industry. It’s not as simple as picking the most popular terms, however. You need to balance choosing the right keywords with those you can afford, what your competition are using to get found, and whether there is a market niche you can exploit. Your Baidu PPC management agency will advise you on the best keywords to choose.

Create an advertising campaign

Once you know what keywords you wish to use, have registered as a Baidu advertiser, and know your budget, you need to set up your campaign. Again, a Baidu PPC management agency will be able to do this quickly and simply. They can allocate your budget to correct keywords and maximise how far your marketing spend will go.

Setting Baidu pay-per-click

Baidu PPC works on an auction system. For each keyword you want to target, you need to set a maximum bid. Baidu will advise you to optimise your bids to ensure you are getting the best result – the higher your bid, the more likely your ad will be displayed, and the higher up the page it will be. Finding the right bid requires you to establish a balance between your budget and the level of traffic you need. Your campaign goals could dictate whether it is more important to get a small amount of traffic for an expensive, popular keyword, or lots of traffic from a less-used search term.

Measuring results

You have to measure your results in order to get the best from your Baidu advertising. Without carefully analysing your statistics, you will miss vital opportunities to improve upon the performance of your campaign. You might realise that a keyword you weren’t focussing on much is proving to be a good source of traffic, while one which you thought was an obvious choice is actually doing very little for you.


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