Insight of Digital Marketing – On The Edge Digital Conference 2013

We were delighted to attend On The Edge Digital Conference in Bristol on 11, June 2013 powered by UK Marketing Network, which was a huge success.

Eight inspirational and successful speakers of digital marketing world explored the insight of digital marketing today with 100+ senior marketing professionals and business owners.

Here we will share just a few of the top tips aimed from the conference:

Charles Nixon of Cambridge Marketing Colleges shared the Cambridge Marketing Review – “New ideas in Marketing” and “For the Intellectually curious” curated by Cambridge Marketing Colleges.

David Duncan of Digital Marketing Consultant gave 7 essential “To-Dos” of content marketing: matching your content to your marketing plan; develop your brand with the right content; understand what your prospects are searching for; matching your content to the sales funnel; moving from product promotion to consumer education etc.

Andy Williams of Koozai focused on Local SEO, Google+ Local is one of the amazing tools you can’t avoid for your online presence, both B2B or B2C.

Luan Wise at Marketing Consultant talked about the power of social networking for B2B. Linked and Twitter are two great platforms for your social networking. Five words to summarise the social networking strategy: goals, audit, find, build and maintain.

Luke Aikman from Nudge Digital used humour and spent 30 minutes to explore the biggest social mistakes we are making.

Ben Wightman at Latitude digital Marketing Ltd, shared some tips on PPC adverting – Finding the lost profit. One of them is to nurture quality score which is the key to unlocking increased traffic and cheaper click costs in both Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Lee Chadwick from CommuniGator used his sense of humour to share the topic on “Email marketing best practice and why you should be investing in marketing automation”. Did you know why your email only has 2 seconds to live?

Ringo Moss of Rerv, showcased some amazing websites with responsive design and talked talked the importance of having mobile optimised sites.

Find out all the presentations here.