Live streaming marketing: China’s gateway has opened

Live streaming marketing in China has never been more potent – research undertaken by AdMaster found that 37 percent of media agencies and marketing professionals in the country have plans to invest in live streaming platforms.

If you are looking for the basis of a content marketing campaign which is able to grab the attention and engage with Chinese consumers, live streaming makes a convincing case to spearhead it.

In a country which is home to the world’s largest population, the sheer number of eyes which live streams can attract takes some reading. According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), approaching 50 percent of all the Internet users in China have watched a live streaming video – this translates as a massive group of 344 million consumers.

Optimise targeting

There is nothing more a marketer likes than the ability to hone campaigns to particular groups of users. Live streaming offers an enticing gateway into the young Chinese market. As a study from iResearch Consulting shows that over three quarters (76.5 percent) of Chinese consumers who watch live streaming on apps are in the under-36 bracket. The younger generations are China’s taste makers and trend setters, who will shape tomorrow’s China – the ability to engage them with a brand by way of a live streaming experience is an almost unmissable opportunity.

Who is at the forefront of live streaming in China?

Fashion and beauty are two sectors which have jumped on the live streaming bandwagon, providing Chinese viewers with content which is live and exclusive. Content can include live broadcasts from fashion shows to lifestyle features, and live stream platforms are set up to facilitate interaction with viewers mid-stream, which ups the level of brand engagement even more.

Sports live streaming

The immediacy of live sport and the demand to see the action unfold as it happens makes it perfect for live streaming, and sport is certainly an important avenue for live streaming marketing in China. America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) has signed a massive agreement with social media network Sina Weibo for the right to stream its games live to China. This is not only a pertinent example of how audiences can be multiplied significantly by successfully targeting China, but also an invitation to advertisers who can use live sports streamed in China as a platform for targeted marketing content in the country.

The future?

It is clear that live streaming marketing has huge potential in China, not just due to the massive number of consumers which can be targeted, but also because of the receptiveness of Chinese internet users to this form of media. Marketers should be careful to ensure they research Chinese consumer habits and tastes thoroughly before initiating campaigns, as the platform alone is not enough – the content of campaigns must also hit the nail on the head.

If you have the Chinese market in your sights, you can rely on us to provide you with an online marketing strategy which exploits live streaming to its full potential. Contact us today.