Overseas WeChat Official Accounts are available for 100+ countries

In the past, it has been a lot of discussions on how difficult for overseas companies to set up an Official Account on WeChat.

Overseas WeChat Official Accounts are available for 100+ countries

Great news! WeChat recently updated their policy in May 2018 which allows 100+ countries to open a WeChat Official Account by using their overseas business licence. There is no need for an advertising investment to open an Overseas WeChat Official Account. The WeChat Official Account will be visible in China, which means you can build China-based followers, engage with them and market your business via WeChat, #1 social media platform in China.

The countries include the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Maldives, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and non-European countries, however, exclude European countries like the UK, France, Germany. Hopefully, WeChat will bring another good news for European countries in the near future.

Are you in the list of those countries? Please click here to view the full list (only available in Chinese).

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