Positive differences between Western and Chinese social media usage

Social media and its usage in China is different to the West. Many companies view that as a negative, but in reality, some of Chinese social media users’ behavioural traits have significant advantages for Western businesses. Once you understand the cultural differences, and have the ability to market in Chinese, Chinese social media can offer many potential benefits.

Here are some positive differences between China and the West when it comes to social media.

More variety

In the West, Facebook and Twitter are the market leaders. They are the ones that people talk about and people go to. China has its own major players too, but there are also plenty of other networks with large userships that cater to different tastes and appeal to different markets. What this means for you is that it is possible to find a concentration of your target market by choosing the right network to be active on, rather than trying to engage the relevant part of a larger market on Twitter or Facebook.

Chinese users create content – Western users consume it

Chinese social media users tend to create internet content – meaning that they post blogs, videos, reviews and produce websites. Around 76% of Chinese internet users polled fit the description of a ‘Creator’, as opposed to just 23% in Europe (source: Mashable). European social media users look to their networks to find and process information, rather than create it. If you want to engage your Chinese social media followers and fans, you will need to give them something to talk about.

Chinese ‘wired woman’ more active than those in other countries

A ‘wired woman’ (a woman who uses technology and social media) in China is much more engaged and active than their counterparts in other countries. 70% of wired women in China use social media to find out information and stay informed about current events, compared to just 46% of women around the globe. Wired women in China are also incredibly attached to their devices, with three quarters willing to give up wine instead of their smartphone for a month, and over half would rather go without coffee and tea (source: China Daily). This is good news if your target market is Chinese women, as they are heavy users, especially women in urban areas.

Tap into the huge potential of the China market

Many people will tell you that China holds a lot of potential for Western businesses. With the right approach and understanding of the market, you can profitably expand your business into new territory. With Western goods being synonymous with quality, and the Chinese penchant for buying expensive luxury goods online, there are plenty of market opportunities for switched on businesses.

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(Image source: ‘cursor clicking Share Button’ | www.freedigitalphotos.net)