Should I use a Service or Subscription Account for WeChat marketing?

As a business looking to use WeChat as part of your social media marketing in China, you’ll have two main account options: Service or Subscription. They both work in different ways and offer their own unique features. Which account you choose will have an effect on your WeChat marketing, and therefore the efficiency of your campaigns.

Let’s take a look at the differences between WeChat Service and Subscription Accounts.

WeChat Service Accounts

WeChat Service Accounts are the more visible of the two. They appear next to a user’s personal contacts, and send them notifications when you post new content. Users can talk directly to you through the usual communication channels on WeChat. The flipside of this high level of exposure is that WeChat limits you to pushing four messages per month to your followers. WeChat wants business to use these accounts to – unsurprisingly – provide a service.

WeChat Subscription Accounts

A WeChat Subscription Account offers a more ‘traditional’ social media model. You can post more frequently, and the stripped back features focus on a style of updating similar to Weibo. Brands can update once per day, although users will not receive a notification that they have done so. All the accounts a user has subscribed to are organised under on tab on the home screen. In order to see your updates, a user has to click the tab, then select your account.

Service or Subscription Account for WeChat marketing in China

Your strategy for social media marketing in China will decide which type of account is best for you. WeChat is trying to create an interactive environment for its users. A service account is limited to four updates a month because the focus is on building strong customer relationships. It is well suited to customer service. One of the best features is the ability to create a ‘mini website’ within the app, complete with navigation bar, which provides users with all the information they need about your brand.

Subscription Accounts offer a standard social media experience for brands, allowing them to push content and make regular updates. Because users have to specifically navigate to a brand’s account, this forces business users to give them regular incentives to do so. Businesses that can offer regular discounts and offers will be able to see good engagement with their followers.

Choosing the right account for WeChat marketing

WeChat is working hard to create an environment focused on interaction and adding value. It puts its users at the centre, making brands work to their desires, rather than the other way around. Facebook and Twitter may allow you to push content at your target market, but WeChat requires a much more authentic approach to social media marketing in China.

Look to add value to your follower’s experience with your account. WeChat marketing in China should be about cultivating relationships. Provide a first rate customer experience with a Service Account, or offer them treats and reasons to buy with a Subscription Account.

Whatever you do, make your WeChat marketing in China about the user.

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