Tips for Chinese online PR

Building a strong reputation in China is paramount to the success of your business. The newly-created Chinese middle class are willing to spend big, but they are also cautious and slow to trust. With a vast internet population in China, a Chinese online PR campaign can help you to create positive impressions of your brand.

In order to run a successful Chinese PR campaign, you need to remember these key tips.

Identify challenges and set clear targets

A Chinese online PR campaign can be complicated and requires thorough planning. It is therefore vital that you understand any obstacles in your way and set clear targets. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you to track progress and measure your success.

Clear targets helped Adidas achieve success in a major PR campaign for the women’s volleyball team and the Beijing Olympics. Its aims were to create youth involvement in volleyball and give the team members star power. All PR activities – such as giving the team a makeover and carrying out a glamour photoshoot – were geared towards achieving these aims. As a result the team was featured in high profile magazines, the perception of the team became more positive, and a large number of people viewed the campaign’s online content (source: Prezi).

Use a Chinese copywriter

It goes without saying that you should never use an online translation tool, but getting your English marketing copy translated verbatim by a professional is only marginally better. The Chinese language is full of intricacies. There are many characters which look alike, and words which sound alike. A talented copywriter, well-versed in the language, can create interesting and engaging text that helps to bring your brand’s values to the Chinese people.

Understanding the breadth of possibility in the Chinese language has helped major brands to adopt domestic culture. This allows them to connect with their potential customers. For instance, many companies have different names in China: Nike’s Chinese name translates as ‘overcome obstacles’, a powerful, on-brand message for their target market.

Make it local

Chinese consumers may desire western goods, but in most instances they trust Chinese sources. Demonstrating local connections helps to show that you are trustworthy. One good way to do this is to include quotes from your local suppliers, partners, customers or brand ambassadors. Among other things, this will help increase the likelihood of a website choosing to publish your press release.

Create brand ambassadors

As mentioned above, a local connection helps to build trust. Chinese consumers are clearly going to feel more inclined to listen to someone they have heard of. For major western companies, this is not a problem as they have the resources to bring on board major celebrities. While you likely cannot afford an international star, you can create worthy brand ambassadors in a number of ways. Social media is a great place to start – simply building connections with relevant bloggers and Weibo users can help your messages to reach their fans and followers.

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