Top 2 social advertisings in China for Western brands

While China’s 700+ million online users use different social media channels to people in other countries, the potential for reaching audiences through social media networks is huge. This is underlined by figures which show the Chinese market to be worth $4,902 million as of 2017 (source:

The effectiveness of social advertising in China campaigns might come down to a Western brand’s choice of channel, and how they choose to approach an activity. In this blog we will take a look at two of the main social advertising channels in China, and how they can be exploited.

Tencent Social Ads: GuangDianTong

Tencent is another media giant in China, incorporating into its range of offerings the mobile app – WeChat. More than 80% of China social traffic comes from Tencent, with 800 million daily active users through Tencent platforms such as QQ, Qzone, WeChat, ads network, QQ browser and YingYongBao. What does it offer to advertisers? Well, like FenSiTong, it is a fantastic way to target specific audiences. The big data which is churned out by the Tencent platform facilitates filtering based on user behaviour and purchasing patterns, meaning your ad gets in front of the people you want it to.


Sina Weibo Social Ads: FenSiTong

For those who don’t know, the microblogging site Sina Weibo is one of the most popular social media networks in China, with a format which has been compared to a cross between Facebook and Twitter.
FenSiTong is the popular social ads to get your brand out there on Sina Weibo. The former allows a new level of filtering which enables the accurate targeting of Sina Weibo users, along lines of gender, age, and region, as well as interests and relation (you can target the followers of a specific account, for example, if you are a British university, we could target the followers of University of Oxford Weibo account). Introduced in 2013, it gives users the option of targeting users who specifically follow their account, or taking the ‘all users’ route. The pricing models are set according to
  • CPM (cost per thousand impressions) – prices start from 5 RMB per CPM, and
  • CPE (cost per engagement) – the initial price is set to minimum 0.5 RMB per CPE. Engagement can be either comment, a repost, a like or a follow.


So there you have it; a glimpse at two of the most important social advertising channels in China – and one thing’s for sure, we are here to help you with China social advertising!