UK and European Companies can now open WeChat Official Accounts

UK and European Companies can now open WeChat Official Accounts

Following our previous blog post Overseas WeChat Official Accounts are available for 100+ countries in May this year, we have another great news to share with you. WeChat recently updated their policy in July 2018 which allows the companies in the UK and European countries like France, Germany, Poland etc, to set up a WeChat Official Account by using their overseas business licence. Again, there is no need for an advertising investment to open an Overseas WeChat Official Account. The WeChat Official Account will be visible in China, which means you can build China-based followers, engage with them and market your business via WeChat, the top social media platform in China.

It is time to build and engage your Chinese followers on WeChat

Why WeChat?

  • 1 Billion Monthly Active Users
  • 90 mins 50% Users use WeChat for at least 90 mins a Day
  • 84% of users that go through WeChat Moments each day
  • 65% of all Monthly Active Users born in 80s or 90s

(source: Tencent 2017)

It is time to set up your own WeChat Official Account and start building Chinese followers. Would you like to build your online presence on WeChat? Contact us today to find out how we can help you with WeCha tOfficial Account setup, Chinese follower building, and achieving your business goals in China.