Video production accelerates your Chinese digital marketing

When you’re launching a Chinese digital marketing campaign, video will naturally be one of the cornerstone channels of your plan. Content has long been king in this sophisticated market, and with the average Chinese consumer preferring to go online via their smartphone, short-form video is now bigger than ever.

Video in China

To give a sense of the video market in China, consider that more than 600 million users log on to Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok) daily! Nearly a third of China’s population is now playing Douyin and making their own user-generated content. Demand for short videos is growing rapidly and brands are also working hard to share their own video content on social platforms such as Douyin and WeChat. Chinese video production can accelerate your broader digital marketing activities in China. There are a number of advantages of video that particularly appeal to brands:

1. The impact of video

Video is highly interactive, engaging and flexible. For brands, there are also advantages of user feedback, with Chinese customers interacting with the video content that they see, and producing their own short videos in response. This market is far ahead of Western equivalents when it comes to video integration, engagement and short user-generated video content. Post a good branded video onto your social media channels in China and a well-conceived campaign will result in an impressive number of shares, comments, response videos – and conversions!

2. Depth of communication

Another advantage of video is that brands can use a variety of pictures, sounds and text to spread information on a variety of levels. This increases the degree of information breadth as well as depth, within a short window of time. Videos can also be used flexibly to elicit emotion and feeling as well as to convey information – creating that sense of trust and connection on multiple layers. Already, this type of content is the primary form of online entertainment for Chinese customers, and the videos that people watch tend to be of high quality and fast to access. Needless to say, a superb viewer/user experience is a must – no brand wants their content to be shared… for the wrong reasons!

3. Attractive costs

Video costs have really dropped in recent years, especially as access to high-end digital technologies has increased. This means that brands can afford to make high-quality, professionally-produced videos that will achieve a target ROI, using Chinese creatives and production agencies, usually with the intermediary support of a Chinese digital marketing agency, to make the necessary arrangements and to liaise between client and production for the best result.

4. Quick to produce

Today’s video content can be very quick to produce without any compromise to quality. The secret to success is to use a Chinese digital marketing agency such as Market Me China to liaise with Chinese production companies, location scouts and creative talent to ensure your vision can be realised as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible – in budget and with the results you need. Whether you want to find a KOL to create professionally filmed live streaming videos or to create an inspiring brand messaging video that is designed to tie in with a key Chinese festival, Market Me China can help you to succeed in your aims.

5. Here to stay!

This market is expected to grow, especially as 5G technology rolls out, and as Chinese smartphone users become increasingly confident and adept at making their own short videos.

Help to create Chinese digital marketing videos

With demand for video production growing, Market Me China has been helping some of our clients to produce high-quality, engaging and impactful videos for their Chinese digital marketing campaigns. For example, we have produced a number of WeChat KOL campaigns to build engagement with a target follower base and present the client’s brand in a natural way that builds trust and rapport with potential new customers.

Types of video to consider

Depending on your brand, market and audience, there may be a number of different video styles that will bring value to your overall digital marketing campaign plan. For example:

Product explainer videos to educate your target audience on the ways to use an innovative new product.
Inspirational videos to excite desire – such as a travel video that showcases the destination.
Tour videos of premises, such as those used by education institutions to showcase the quality of premises, the learning experience, the student lifestyle, accommodation and so forth.
Fun and entertaining videos that are naturally viral and which might promote a competition or special offer.
General brand positioning or lifestyle videos that grow awareness of your brand and offer.
Traditional advertising videos that promote a product, service or campaign.

Video Services that Market Me China can provide

We offer an end-to-end video production service that integrates naturally with your broader digital marketing strategy. This includes:

– Hiring talent (actors and actresses), film crews and venues in China
– Location scouting to find the perfect spot for your video
– Devising the creative concept and organising production, including content such as scripting and guidance for art direction, tone, branding and so forth
– Post-production
– Hosting and sharing across your Chinese digital ecosystem

You may want to produce a series of videos to reach different target audiences, or to produce a series of different videos for a particular campaign. For example, you might want a primary advertising or brand positioning advert and a series of shorts for other digital platforms, supported by individual KOL shorts or competition videos. Whatever your needs, Market Me China can help you to get the most from your Chinese video marketing and to ensure that you have the right strategy, objectives and targets in place to measure the results of your campaign effectively and fully.

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