Want Chinese students in your university? Translate your marketing materials

In the last few posts we’ve been looking at ways of recruiting Chinese students to study in the UK. We’ve examined how popular certain courses are, how thousands of Chinese students are choosing to come to London, and what they are looking for when they choose which University to attend.

While we have covered ways of marketing to Chinese students, we think it is important to explore just why you need to have your marketing materials translated into Chinese. It would be easy to think that as Chinese students are wanting to come to the UK, that they would be happy to read your website, social media, and brochures in English. After all, they’ll need to be able to speak the language when they come over, won’t they?

Do you want to risk losing your key messages?

When marketing to domestic students, you wouldn’t take a ‘that’ll do’ approach. You’d make sure that every aspect of your marketing was working perfectly, and that your key messages were being heard loud and clear. If you are serious about Chinese student recruitment, then you need to be following the same processes. Your marketing will be much more effective for Chinese students in their native language, so why risk having your key messages ignored?

Show that you can cater to their needs

Going to university is daunting, regardless of whether it’s in the same country, or one thousands of miles away. All students want to know that they will be looked after and supported whilst they are away from home. It’s no different for Chinese students. Demonstrating that you can talk to them in their own language will show that you have the resources and commitment to looking after them and helping them as they study.

Is the process of choosing your university as easy as it can possibly be?

One of the biggest mistakes businesses all across the world make it assuming their customer will do what they want them to. They think that it doesn’t matter if their customer has to work to get in touch, sign up to their email newsletter, or buy one of their products. The truth is that it is your responsibility to make it as easy as possible for customers to do business with you. If you aren’t doing everything you can to simplify the process, then your customers won’t bother. Why should Chinese students be the ones who have to make the effort, if you haven’t bothered to translate your marketing to make it simple and easy for them to read?

Are you making yourself as attractive as possible to Chinese students?

At Market Me China, we create marketing that makes it as simple as possible for your target market to say yes. You need to be making yourself as attractive as possible to your target market, which is why translation services are a must, not an optional extra. Contact us today to discuss your Chinese student recruitment strategy.

(Image source: “Book And Word Growing TREE” | www.freedigitalphotos.net)