WeChat 2015 statistics to inspire digital marketing in China during 2016

WeChat is a highly popular messaging app with a range of integrated features that allow users to keep in touch with their friends, follow businesses and celebrities, and even shop. As of the middle of 2015, 46% of users have set WeChat as their top app. It is used by nearly twice as many men as women, and for almost twice as long each month (209 minutes) by android users than those with an iOS operating system (106 minutes). With 90% of its users aged between 18 and 36, WeChat is a great place to connect with a young, savvy audience (source: Business of Apps).

We’ve taken a look at some more important WeChat stats from 2015 to help inspire your digital marketing in China during the coming year.

WeChat has more users than Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Skype or Sina Weibo

As of the beginning of this year, WeChat was the sixth most popular social media network in terms of monthly active users in the world. It only loses out on fifth-place to QZone by 3 million users. WeChat has almost a hundred million more users than Tumblr (555 million), 250 million more than Instagram and more than double the number of people who use Twitter on a monthly basis (320 million). It is the third most popular Chinese social network in the global top 10, beaten by QQ at number three. All three networks are owned by Tencent (source: Statista).

WeChat users are return users

Of its total monthly active users, a huge percentage of them make use of the app every single day. As of the middle of November 2015, WeChat had 615 million monthly active users, with an average of 570 million visiting the app on a daily basis (source: Expanded Ramblings). Compare this to Sina Weibo, which at the end of the first quarter of 2015 has just under 200 million monthly active users, and 89 million daily active users (source: Tech in Asia).

This means that people on WeChat are far more likely to return to the app on a daily basis than users of many other social media channels. Because WeChat offers a new platform for traditional phone-based forms of communication, such as text messaging and video calling, it has been able to attract and hold the attention of a large audience. Get on WeChat to engage a huge crowd of regular users.

WeChat users consume a lot of content

Brands can publish content to WeChat in order to capture and engage their target market: a tactic that has proved highly successful for many. The average WeChat user consumes seven articles every single day – that’s the equivalent of a whole novel each month (source: WeChat). If creating engaging Chinese content is a big part of your plans for digital marketing in China in 2016, WeChat is the perfect publishing platform.

(Image source: Image created by KROMKRATHOG | www.freedigitalphotos.net)