WeChat marketing: top tips to connect with China

WeChat is an instant messaging app of choice in China, home to over one billion people, with an estimated 800 million on the network. WeChat is a all-in-one app with elements of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and Moments and Subscriptions. For this reason, the opportunities that WeChat marketing provides are priceless as a means of reaching this huge target audience in China. In this blog, we will take a look at some top tips for using the platform to achieve marketing objectives.

Get verified and organised

It is essential when opening an official account on WeChat that your account is completely verified, so it won’t be taken as a possible scam by Chinese consumers. A Chinese business licence is required to get your account verified. It is also important to create an organised page which is uncluttered and clear, so as to attract more users and give yourself more opportunity to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Careful with colours

Following on from the last tip, Chinese people generally appreciate eye-catching colours and well thought-out design. You should endeavour to attract attention while staying true to your brand guidelines. A page that is designed well stands more chance of convincing WeChat users to visit it regularly.

Target personal interests in WeChat advertising

It is essential that you tailor the content you create and share to the audience you wish to target. There are WeChat advertising options which now allow you to hone in on specific interests and motivations, and these should, of course, help you identify your target customer base within the WeChat community. There are also interest group chats which you might like to target, but remember – keep it relevant!

Use WeChat Wallet to your advantage

WeChat Wallet is a great sales tool for retailers, allowing WeChat members to link their bank account or credit card details and enable instant smartphone payments. But it also affords you some fabulous marketing opportunities if you can use it wisely. You can manage the customers or ‘followers’ that use WeChat Wallet and convert them into members, from there you are able to communicate more effectively with them.

Utilise QR codes for WeChat marketing

There are many ways you can make use of QR codes in order to brighten up your marketing activities. For instance, you might wish to run a competition which requires WeChat users to scan their QR code in order to enter; enable WeChat users to follow you by scanning their QR code; or offer product information and special offers delivered directly to a user’s smartphone after they scan their code.

Make the most of your community

Once you have built up a base of WeChat followers, it is time to use the platform to your advantage. One of the ways you can do this is to send them questionnaires or surveys to take part in. These might quiz users on their customer experience, or alternatively ask their opinion on the hot topics of the day. You can then use this information to produce interesting and shareable content based on your findings. Consider offering a prize as an incentive to those who participate in the questionnaire or survey.

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(Image source: www.wechat.com/en/)