What are the major Search Engines in China – Statistics and Trends

What are the major search engines in China?
The biggest search engine in China is Baidu, with a 65.74% market share, followed by Qihoo 360 with a 16.58% market share, Sogou with a 9.27% market share.

Search trends

About 454 million internet users search the internet in China per month, followed by 452 million users who watch online videos,  439 million users who are active on online community, 413 million users who are interested in news and information, 404.4 million users enjoying eCommerce.

The major purposes of using search engines are to locate information related to work or studies, personal interests, latest news, software downloads, information related to lifestyles (food, clothing etc), online shopping, offline shopping, foreign travel or search for people and friends.

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Take a look at Go Globe infographic “Search engine usage in China – Statistics and Trends” to know the latest search engine usage and the search behaviour of Chinese internet users.

Search Engine Usage in China – Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- GO-Globe.com

(Image source: “Research” | www.freedigitalphotos.net)