What makes a great Chinese digital marketing agency partner for digital marketing in China?

When you’re a Western brand keen to break into China or to grow your presence within this lucrative Chinese market, a Chinese digital marketing agency partner can become a real asset. From native language skills and abilities in Chinese social media platforms, through to existing KOL relationships and in-depth knowledge of China’s unique audiences, the right agency can improve your results and save you time. Let’s take a look in closer detail.

1. Native language speakers

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit for Western businesses, who are unlikely to have a fully-resourced in-house team of Chinese speaking marketing experts at their disposal! The right Chinese digital marketing agency partner provides instant access to these vital language skills. This is essential when you consider that most Chinese digital marketing channels are delivered entirely in Chinese – from administrative set-up through to ongoing reporting.

2. Knowledge of processes

Did you know that it can take weeks to set up a Baidu PPC account? The platform also requires Western businesses to send a series of legal documents for evidence and the administrative processes involved in this can be onerous and complex. A Chinese digital marketing agency can take this work on for you and ensure that the process flows as smoothly as possible, without unnecessary delays.

3. Expert Chinese digital marketing knowledge

From Chinese social media and KOL relationships to Baidu PPC and SEO, and from Chinese website design through to content localisation services, a great Chinese digital marketing agency provides instant access to knowledge and the skillets that your brand needs for success in China. Market Me China has experts in every necessary field, as well as the contacts needed to reach the right KOLs and other key digital marketing service providers, fast and effectively.

4. Extra flexible resource for your team

Great Chinese marketing agencies have a team of experts that cover all digital disciplines. This gives Western brands the chance to ramp up their marketing resource on a flexible basis when required – such as to launch a new Chinese digital marketing campaign, where a team of native speakers are required to manage social engagement accounts, online chat and feedback mechanisms. A great agency will have a team who are able and willing to work with your own in-house resource as necessary, to unlock greater returns from your investment and marketing efforts.

5. The ability to work on a partnership basis

Yes, some agencies prefer to work on an ad-hoc or project basis, simply delivering a piece of work and moving on to the next job. But a true strategic partnership unlocks far more powerful benefits, as the right agency works with the client for longer-term results. Successful Chinese digital marketing tends to require a long-term and responsive strategy which factors in a variety of different channels for different purposes – from immediate Baidu PPC or Chinese social media campaigns through to long-term Baidu SEO activity and brand-building on critical portals and vertical platforms. If your brand can find the right Chinese digital marketing agency to partner with, it will be far easier to enjoy sustainable success for your brand in China.

6. A broad range of services

The Chinese digital marketing landscape is changing fast. Yes, many Western brands now know about WeChat and Weibo – but what about Douyin (TikTok), or Little Red Book? A good agency will keep you abreast of changing trends and let you know where your target audience can be found online. In a market as fast-paced, fluid and transformative as China, it pays to have an agency partner who knows where your customers will be – when – and how you can engage with them.

7. Commitment to providing regular reporting with recommendations

Any agency can make promises – but the right Chinese digital marketing agency will show how they are adding value with regular reports. At Market Me China, we work as part of your marketing team to fully understand your brand and objectives and to leverage the value of your budget. We support your marketing strategy and delivery with clear data and provide a programme of reporting, as well as recommendations based on the findings to move forward in the right way. By working in this transparent way, our clients have trust in what we are doing to support their brand and can see where we are adding value.

8. A customer-service ethos

Needless to say, any great agency will have an uncompromising commitment to excellent customer service. This will be evident in their manner, their work quality, their overall attitude and their delivery record. At Market Me China, our customer testimonials speak for themselves; we work hard to delight our clients and to go ‘above and beyond’ their expectations whenever possible. When this delivery ethos is in place, long-term partnerships can be created for better gains.

9. Proactive advice

The right Chinese digital marketing agency will be proactive in offering advice and guidance when they spot things happening within the Chinese market that could impact your brand and your business. From new social platforms to changing legislation that could impact your PPC campaigns, they will be quick and ready to share their insight – making it easier for you to adapt accordingly and stay ahead of the game.

10. Trust

Your brand is a precious asset which you have invested in building. To launch your brand in China takes time, effort and money – with a similar investment required to build its reputation amongst your target audience, and to maintain that reputation. A great Chinese digital marketing agency will always treat your brand with the same focus, care and attention as your own in-house team.

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