China Market Research Benefits

  • Understand the complex Chinese market
  • Analyse the Chinese competitive landscape
  • Pinpoint strategies to enter the Chinese market
  • Benefit from bespoke China market research

Bespoke Chinese Market Research Services

Regardless of your business size, reliable and accurate market research is an essential preparatory stage for launching a brand in China. Good research is cost-effective – and avoids expensive mistakes! Our bespoke Chinese market research services maximise your chances of business success in China.

Want to Understand market overview in China?

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China Market Research Service

Our China Market Research service captures:

  • A rich overview of the Chinese market
  • Comprehensive and bespoke industry overviews
  • Market trends and drivers
  • Current laws, regulations and market barriers to entry
  • Local versus international factors
  • Existing competitors in your industry
  • Top players in the industry

Analyse competitive landscape:

  • Outline the main players that operate in your niche
  • Profile these competitors in terms of their digital and e-commerce assets
  • Provide competitor insights that can be leveraged for a stronger China development strategy

Bespoke and ad-hoc research and insight reports as required.

Use various Methodologies to assist you in China market research

We use a range of market research methods to provide insight and analysis of the Chinese market.

  1. Desk research to provide an industry overview
  2. Qualitative interviews gather rich insights from market experts
  3. Competitor interviews to assist with positioning and marketing strategy
  4. Bespoke quantitative surveying and interviews to create focused data sets for decision making

Regardless of the approach that you prefer, the end result is the same – rich, current and actionable data upon which better Chinese marketing strategies can be built.

Maximise the results of your Chinese digital marketing campaigns with preparatory bespoke China market research.